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   Chapter 740 The Spoiled Prince (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6596

Updated: 2018-12-22 01:12

Although he was having second thoughts, Luke swallowed back his protest. He started the car and sped away. He knew how much Edward meant to Daisy. He couldn't imagine how agonizing it would be for her to wait alone at home. Getting to Edward's side as soon as possible was his first priority, but he also had to consider Daisy's feelings.

"Luke, does Edward always have to take bodyguards with him every time he goes out?" asked Daisy. She never paid much attention to such things. Every time she saw Edward, Luke was also with him. She had grown so used to it that it never occurred to her why Edward was never alone.

"Yes, he does. It's very crucial, because there are a lot of people out there with ill intent against Mr. Mu. Some are his business competitors, while some simply want to kidnap him for ransom. There are also a bunch of women who are obsessed with Mr. Mu and would do crazy things just to spend the night with him, " Luke replied, pressing the accelerator harder as the car sped through the street.

Daisy's heart thumped at Luke's response. No wonder Luke was always so tense. She used to think that he was too protective and a little rigid. She didn't expect there would be so many risks and dangers in the society she lived in. Now, she started to have doubts about her earlier judgement.

"Are you okay, Mrs. Mu?" Luke asked in concern, casting a quick glance at Daisy. He hadn't heard her speak for a while after he told her the potential dangers Edward faced.

"Oh, I'm fine. I just thought of something just now. Don't worry about me, " replied Daisy. She brushed the tip of her nose with her finger as if to brush something aside, before she flashed a forced smile towards Luke to reassure him.

"Mrs. Mu, can I ask you to do something?" Luke looked hesitant. It took him a few moments to gather up the nerve to ask the question.

"Sure, as long as it's within my abilities. What is it?" Luke rarely asked favors of other people, but th

d yet I haven't done a good job in taking care of him. My ignorance has put his safety at risk. You always do things for him with his safety as your top priority. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for him. There is no reason for you to apologize."

As she spoke, Daisy felt even more remorseful. She knew that Edward was a little spoiled and could be stubborn and capricious sometimes, but she still handled the fight terribly. She hated how she couldn't remain calm and try to appease his anger whenever they fought. Instead, she drove him away with her cutting words. If anything happened to him tonight, she didn't know how she could ever live with herself.

"Thank you. I hope you understand that I have no intention of offending you. I'm just very worried about Mr. Mu. You may not have noticed, but he has changed a lot for you. In the past, I would never have imagined him capable of leading the life he has with you today, responsible and committed to his family. This is all because of you. You brought him a whole new and better life. For this, I thank you." Luke was unusually talkative tonight. He wanted Daisy to understand how important Edward was to him. Daisy's deep love for Edward made her see Luke's words as a testimony of the profound brotherhood Luke shared with her husband.

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