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   Chapter 739 The Spoiled Prince (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7466

Updated: 2018-12-22 01:12

Taking a deep breath, she gently pushed the door of the study open. There was no one in sight. After double-checking to make sure that Edward was indeed not in the room, she turned the lights off and walked out. Frustrated, she figured that he had gone out to the garden to clear his head. She went back to the room and changed into casual clothes before going downstairs. The garden was a perfect place for someone who needed to take a walk alone. To her surprise once again, Edward wasn't there either. She racked her brain for possible places where Edward could have gone to, but failed. She couldn't help but start to panic.

Not knowing what to do next, she decided to get some help. As she turned to face the villa, she instantly knew who to turn to. Hastily, she headed to Luke's room. A brief moment after she knocked, the door opened.

"Mrs. Mu, is everything all right?" asked Luke. He was a little worried to see Daisy's troubled face. Not expecting her to wake him up at this hour, he still felt a little dazed from the confusion.

"Luke, have you seen Edward tonight? Do you know where he is?" Daisy asked, twining her fingers nervously. She was so worried about Edward, it didn't occur to her that she was being disruptive by waking up him in the middle of the night.

"Isn't he upstairs?" Luke immediately tensed up at the mention that Edward was missing.

"No, he's not. We had a fight earlier tonight. I went to take a bath, and when I came out, he was gone." She was only in the bathroom for half an hour. Where could he have gone? Daisy bit her lips in worry and frustration.

"Calm down, Mrs. Mu. I'll ask the security guards on duty tonight to see if they've seen Mr. Mu or not." As soon as he spoke, Luke turned and grabbed his car keys before hurrying to the gate.

"Good evening, Mrs. Mu, Mr. Luo, " said the guard, greeting the two approaching figures with a warm smile as soon as they entered the booth.

Daisy nodded her head in response without saying anything. She was anxious to know where Edward had disappeared to.

"Good evening. Did you see Mr. Mu leave tonight?" Luke was a man of very few words. Though he was a bodyguard himself, he never spent much time chatting with the security gua

How can I help you?" A typical sweet voice of a receptionist at Sexy World came through the phone. Luke almost got goosebumps hearing it. He immediately wanted to hang up, but the thought of Edward possibly being there stopped him.

"Hello, This is Luke. Is Mr. Mu at your bar right now?" Edward was one of the richest and most handsome men in S City. He used to be a regular at the bar, so the staff was very familiar with him and his bodyguard Luke. They nearly always showed up together.

"Oh, what a nice surprise, Mr. Luo! Mr. Mu just arrived a few minutes ago. He's in his private room right now ..." Before she could finish, Luke hung up the phone abruptly. He had the information he needed and didn't waste another moment of his time on things he found unnecessary.

"Any news, Luke?" Daisy had been waiting anxiously in silence, watching Luke make phone calls to locate her husband. As soon as she saw him put his phone back into his pocket, she spoke up.

"Yes. He is at Sexy World right now. Don't worry. I'll go and find him, " Luke reassured, striding towards his car without pause.

"Wait, " Daisy called, running after Luke to catch up with him. "I'll go with you." When she reached the car, she pulled the door open and got in swiftly. The sight of Luke's tense face made her weak. Only now did she realize how unsafe it was for Edward to be outside alone. There were so many reasons for Edward to be targeted by someone. He could be facing danger at any moment.

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