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   Chapter 735 Happy Memories at the JC Military Academy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9848

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When Daisy arrived at the Westin Western Restaurant, Zemo hadn't shown up yet. Considering that they hadn't seen each other for years, she deliberately reserved a small private room. This way, they wouldn't be disrupted by the surroundings while catching up with each other.

Zemo left his place and headed for the restaurant at an early time. But because he wasn't familiar with S City, he spent a long time finding his way. Additionally, it was the rush hour. He ended up arriving half an hour late at the restaurant.

"Sorry, I'm late, " He immediately apologized as soon as he approached the private room.

"It's alright. I haven't been here for a long time. Take a seat, please." Daisy had a beautiful smile, especially for people who rarely saw it. Her smile was extremely bright and captivating, like the most colorful rainbow in the sky. A person could get intoxicated by her smile.

"It seems the military uniform suits you better. Two bars and three stars, a colonel! That's amazing! You're doing quite well in the army." Looking at the handsome military uniform on Daisy, Zemo couldn't help twisting in pain in his heart. Becoming a soldier had been his dream when he was young, but he couldn't achieve it anymore. He could do nothing but wallow in sadness at his failed dream.

"Zemo, are you okay?" Daisy asked softly, seeing Zemo's bright smile suddenly dim made her worry.

"Oh, it's nothing! I was just thinking what a cruel twist of fate. If I hadn't left JC Military Academy that year, could I have attained the same achievements you have?" Zemo held back his sadness. Although many years had passed, his dream of becoming an excellent soldier never changed.

"Of course, you would. You'd definitely do better than me. You always bested me in special training, so your achievements would undoubtedly be greater than mine." Daisy had always been curious why Zemo left the academy all of a sudden. What on earth happened to him? Whatever it was, it must have been quite serious because he didn't even say goodbye. She wanted to know what happened because she was worried about him.

"Don't be so modest! You were the most capable female student in the eyes of the instructors. Every one of them wanted to have you in their team. How could I compete with you?"

Everyone in the academy knew that Daisy Ouyang was the most excellent student of their batch. At the beginning, she ranked last when she entered the academy. No one imagined that she would rise up the ranks to the top. But she dedicated herself to her training. All the blood, sweat, and tears she shed was a testament to her great determination. Other people might be oblivious to her efforts, but Zemo knew. After all, he had trained with her the entire time and encouraged her to improve.

"You are as modest as ever. Well, how's everything? You look good. It seems that you're living a happy life." Daisy sat upright as a soldier always did. Perhaps due

re so exhausted that we could hardly eat our meal." Zemo shook his head. Everyone knew that Daisy was a cold and distant girl. No one would expect that such an aloof person also had a mischievous side.

"If I'm not mistaken, that was the most severe punishment we received. You were a true friend, you received the punishment along with me." There was nothing but happiness on Daisy's face. At the thought, she realized that she had made so many good friendships at the academy. But as time passed by, they gradually lost contact with each other.

"Well, I had to. After all, you were the only girl in our class. Of course, we would all protect you." As a matter of fact, there had been other female students in their class. But they couldn't handle the gruelling training, so they transferred to less difficult courses. Daisy was the only girl who endured everything and remained in the class.

"Talking about the old days makes me so nostalgic, " Daisy sighed. There were not many students in their class, no more than 20. Because of this, they were all close and got along with each other quite well. Occasional conflicts were inevitable, but they rarely happened. Generally, everyone was on good terms with one another.

"Oh, definitely. Same here. But I'm also curious about the man you were pining over back then. Was he the guy I saw that night?" Zemo was reluctant to accept the fact that the man he saw back then was Daisy's love. But he had to admit that the man was extraordinary both in appearance and temperament.

"Yes, he is. I didn't expect that my dream could come true, but there was an unexpected turn of events. I ended up becoming one of the heroines in those cliche romance novels. Although the journey was complicated, I'm glad to have a happy ending at last." Daisy's smile brightened as she talked about Edward. Looking at her was very gratifying, and one couldn't help getting attracted to Daisy when she displayed such happiness.

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