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   Chapter 734 Happy Memories at the JC Military Academy (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9709

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"Come on, I wouldn't do that. I am the most honest man in the world. You will never find anyone better than me in this respect. I don't have any ulterior motives in mind at all!" Rain casually leaned against the sofa. He had a handsome face. His bright-colored clothes made him look even more enchanting. The flickering ear studs on his ears particularly enhanced his captivating charm.

Rendered speechless, Daisy rolled her eyes at them. She was getting really tired of their fights, whether they fought for a woman or tried to pressure each other. It could get too much sometimes. Could they be any more childish? No one would ever think that they were important members of a big company's management team because of their childish behavior.

"Seriously? You, honest? You have got to be kidding me. How shameless can you get? Calling yourself the most honest person in the world. The audacity! You should claim to be the most shameless person in the world." Edward scoffed, quickly sorting out the files on his desk so that he could be ready to leave the office at any time.

"Speaking of audacity, I think you are the second most shameless to none. I don't dare to challenge you on that." Rain dangled his leg leisurely. He wasn't in any way worried about offending Edward when Daisy was standing nearby. He knew that Edward wouldn't do anything to him because Daisy was present, but he didn't expect Edward to slyly strike back by assigning him to a complicated task.

"It looks like you're getting better now. I think you're good enough to take on some challenges. I'm putting you in charge of the Blue Moon Waterside Pavilion project tomorrow." Edward flashed a wry smile. He outstretched his arm and handed the files in his hand to Rain.

"Oh no, Edward! You can't be so hard on me! You know that the daughter of that company's president is obsessed with me. I'll be done for it if you assign me to that project!" Rain didn't lose his cool until Edward's threat. He couldn't help shuddering at the thought of the woman who constantly stuck to him like an octopus the moment she laid eyes on him.

"Come on, don't be afraid. You like beautiful women, don't you? The woman is drawn to you without you even trying to seduce her. How could you mercilessly reject a woman like that? That's not your style." Edward smiled coldly. If the president's daughter wasn't so interested in good-looking men, he wouldn't have decided to make Rain manage the project. He definitely did it on purpose. This way, Rain would learn the consequences of offending him. He would never challenge his authority in public in the future again.

"Oh, that depends on the type of women! For women like Tina Zhuo, I'd rather run away as fast as I can to avoid their clutches." Rain pursed his lips in displeasure. He still remembered clearly how Tina tried to take advantage of him the last time he showed up at a cocktai

teasing Mark now. Was there anything that Rain wouldn't dare do?

"By the way, where are you going?" Rain didn't care about Edward's opinion of him. His priority was to have dinner with the couple. He didn't want to have dinner on his own again.

"I'm sorry, Rain. I have an appointment, so you guys decide where you want to go, " Daisy said apologetically, giving a small smile.

"Oh! Edward, you end up being ditched." Rain was at a loss. He had offended Edward earlier. Now that Daisy was about to leave, he would be left alone with Edward. There was no way he was spending a moment alone with the man. Edward would definitely kill him without him knowing.

"Do you need me to drive you there?" Edward ignored Rain's words. He gazed at Daisy with deep affection in his gentle eyes. There was nothing but tenderness on his handsome face.

"No need. Mark will drive me there. I'll take my leave now. Bye, Rain!" Daisy smiled at Rain and turned around. She entered the Humvee and waved at them through the window before the car drove out of their sight.

"Stop staring, Edward. The car is already gone." Rain waved his palm in front of Edward's face, trying to catch his attention. He didn't expect Edward to turn around and stride directly towards his car. Edward didn't react to his childish behavior at all.

"Hey! You haven't told me where you're going yet!" Rain whined loudly in frustration, following Edward closely.

"Home. Follow me if you want." Edward entered his car and started the engine without paying attention to whether Rain would follow him or not. The car drove away slowly.

"Sure, I'll go. Why not?" Rain turned around and got into his own car as well. He drove towards the direction of Edward's house without hurry. He already knew where Edward lived. There was no way he would lose his way. Even though he was worried about Edward getting back at him, he really didn't want to be alone right now.

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