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   Chapter 733 I Have An Appointment (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6802

Updated: 2018-12-21 02:43

"You are trying to irritate me, right?" Edward double-checked the files on his computer and then turned around. He looked at her with a wicked smile before his eyes settled on her red lips.

"But... I really don't mean it. Please forget it." She saw that type of stare before. It was a warning for her to stop or else she would regret what she was doing.

"No, I can't forget it. You tried to irritate me." Edward's eyes went colder, making Daisy want to run away.

"You are so petty and childish..." Her voice sank to a whisper as Edward put his hand into Daisy's clothes. She stared at him with her eyes wide open. They weren't in the right place to do something like this.

"Keep saying! I am listening." Edward whispered to her ears and nibbled her earlobes, it made her tremble.

"I..." Rain pushed the door open just before Daisy could finish her words. His jaw dropped automatically as he saw the scene inside Mr. Mu's office.

"Oh no! I don't mean to interrupt you guys. You can go on, " said Rain but the wicked smile on his face showed nothing about guilt. He even looked excited about what was about to happen.

"Get out." Edward glared at him as he pulled his hands out of Daisy's clothes. He really was not a fan of Rain as the guy seemed always to sabotage his enjoyable moments.

"Alright! I am leaving. But you see, I have never experienced this before so maybe I can just stand here to learn from you." Rain leaned against the door and watched them from a distance. He didn't walk in nor walk out.

"You really want to learn from me?" Edward's eyes narrowed as he stared at Rain. It seemed that Rain was challenging him.

"No no no. I guess I'll drop the idea. I don't have the nerve." Rain swallowed hard. He knew he had to stop, otherwise Edward would assign some tough tasks to him.

"Then get out!" Edward realized that he didn't get some good friends. Rain was so obstructive and not good at sensing what was going on.

"Okay, stop it. Come on in, Rain." Daisy stood up from Edward's arms, smile

d with a wicked smile.

"Hahaha, Daisy, you are so smart. You are right! Those are evidence." Rain was glad that Daisy joined him against Edward. He wanted to see how Edward would keep cool as Daisy began to question him herself. Rain had nothing to do with it.

"So are you guys trying to force me to confess something that I didn't do?" Edward glanced at them. He tried hard to hold his anger back because he knew that Rain would triumph to see him lose his cool. It would also prove that Rain's accusations over him were true. Edward remained as peaceful as he could be.

"No, we are not. We are just trying to bring your memory back." Rain continued with no fear. The worst thing that could happen anyway was for Edward to send him to deal with those actresses' dispute. It would be a headache for him but it would also make him happy to be surrounded with attractive ladies.

"Rain, you are stirring up trouble. Why can't you just let me enjoy my peaceful life with my wife? You're such a troublemaker and no one knows you better than me." Edward was way much sophisticated than Rain. He wouldn't fall into his trap so easily. He was a bit confused at the beginning because he did have a history with those actresses. Those things happened before he met Daisy and remembering that made him at ease. None of those things could bother his Daisy.

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