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   Chapter 732 I Have An Appointment (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6619

Updated: 2018-12-21 02:27

"What time it is now?" Daisy ran her fingers through her hair. She asked to know how long she had been there.

"It's almost 6. I was wondering how long you were going to sleep." Edward spent his whole afternoon in the meeting room so he had no idea about when did Daisy arrive and how long she had been in his office.

"Really? It has already been this late?" Daisy's delicate face blushed soon as she looked up and caught Edward's lingering gaze at her.

"Why are you off duty so early today?" He pulled his hands away from her shoulders to smooth her hair and give her a quick kiss on the lips.

"I planned to go to the jail, but..." Daisy frowned, debating whether she should tell him or not.

"But? What's wrong?" His eyes were fixed on her. There was no way Daisy could escape from Edward's mind reading gaze.

"Hero tried to kill himself. I was informed of the news on my way to the jail this noon." Daisy bit her lips as she waited for Edward's response.

"Then how is he now? Is he gone?" Edward's face was devoid of any feeling as if he just heard something trivial. Actually, he really had nothing to do with the suicide. Hero was just a man who admired his wife. He couldn't care less if he lived or died.

However, what bothered him was how Daisy seemed to care about Hero. He could sense Daisy was trapped with sadness and it just showed that she was worried about Hero. It had nothing to do with love but her empathy towards Hero was disturbing. It put his mind in a turmoil but he tried to look peaceful so Daisy could express herself freely.

"The emergency treatment works, but he hasn't been out of danger yet." Daisy forced a smile but failed.

"Don't worry. It's said that evil things don't disappear easily. He will be fine." Edward seized Daisy round the shoulder and kissed her on the head. It made his heart ache to see that she was worried about another man.

"Maybe you are right. Okay, let's move on. Are you going to be off duty now?" D

know I am not welcomed there." Edward avoided her gaze. He didn't want Daisy to see through his thoughts.

"Okay then. I was worried you would be mad if I don't let you in." Daisy pecked at his lips happily. She was glad that her worries were uncalled-for. Daisy wouldn't be able to focus on anyone else if Edward chose to go there with her.

"You little rat. Why did you pretend that I'm welcome when you don't want me in? Tell me when did you become so tricky?" Edward turned away from Daisy and loosened his arms around her in a mock rage.

"Oh no, you really got mad. I was just joking with you. Don't take it seriously." Daisy looked at Edward's back, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh. Her beloved Edward was so fickle.

"I don't think you were joking." Edward said in a cold tone. He seemed to really take it seriously.

"Come on. don't act cute, Mr. Mu." Daisy found it funny to use some popular words she learned from Justin while talking to Mr. Mu.

"Daisy Ouyang, I don't like that word. I am not a sissy." Edward did not turn around as he browsed through the web. It made Daisy feel that he really was mad at her.

"You are not sissy at all. I just said that because I think you are cute." Daisy desperately fought the urge to giggle. She continued to tease him, waiting for his response.

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