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   Chapter 730 Under Emergency Treatment (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8561

Updated: 2018-12-21 01:28

"How's Hero now?" Daisy asked anxiously as she trotted into the hospital and saw the Warden.

Her forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat though it was autumn.

"He is still in the operating room. He seems bad right now, " the Warden answered.

It was then that a nurse ran out from the operating room. Seconds after that, the same nurse ran back with a bag of blood in her hand.

"Excuse me nurse, how's the patient?"

Daisy was so worried about Hero that she couldn't help but ask. She did nothing to stop the nurse from moving though.

"He is under emergency treatment. Please don't interfere with our work now, " the nurse answered quickly.

Then she hurriedly went into the operating room and closed the door quickly.

"Don't worry, Colonel Ouyang. The doctor is doing his best."

The Warden said carefully without looking at Daisy. He had heard that the woman before him was the famous Devil Instructor of S City's military base. She was famous for being cold, ruthless, and relentless. That was the reason why he couldn't help but feel nervous when he faced her.

"How on earth are you doing your job? Don't you know how special he is? Why didn't you send more people to guard him?"

Daisy looked at the Warden coldly. She was unsure of his capacity to work.

"We've paid more attention to him than anyone. I honestly don't have a clue as to how he was able to commit suicide, "

The Warden explained anxiously. He was certain that he had done everything, thus he still couldn't believe what was going on.

"How about the guards who were guarding him at that time? Have you asked them what happened?" Daisy withdrew her freezing stare from the Warden. She knew that it wasn't the proper time to investigate and affix the responsibility.

"I haven't had the time to ask them. I followed the ambulance to the hospital as soon as I heard that he committed suicide." The Warden raised his head and looked at Daisy. But his glance didn't linger, he hurriedly averted his sight as soon as he saw how melancholic Daisy was. She really could be scary.

"All right. Ask them after the operation result comes out." Daisy gently massaged her forehead. She was getting drained just by leaning against that wall. How odd! Hero was still okay the last time she saw him. Why did he suddenly commit suicide?

"Here you are, colonel, " said Mark. He came to Daisy and handed her mineral water. A frown got into his face upon seeing how pale she was.

"Thank you." Daisy opened the bottle and took a few drinks. S City's dry cli

very rational and understand situations from the other person's perspective. Thus, she often forgot to consider her own interests.

"Colonel, if only everyone is as considerate as you are, things like this will not happen again."

Mark knew that Daisy was kind. But sometimes he really felt sorry for her kindness.

"Everyone has a different mind. The way people choose to deal with problems is also different. Forget it, you will gradually understand it in the future, " Daisy said. She knew Mark was a simple and honest person. It would be a bit of a challenge for him to understand what she just said. It was better for him to slowly understand things in an actual situation rather than have herself repeat the idea multiple times.

Hero was sent to the Intensive Care Unit quickly. Daisy did not stay in the hospital too long as she was not allowed to visit him. She left the hospital right after giving some attentions to the Warden. She could do nothing anyway even if she stayed.

"Colonel, are you going back to the army base or are you heading home?" Mark asked as soon as Daisy got in the car.

"What time is it?" asked Daisy as she leaned against the backseat languidly. Although she knew she just needed to lift up her hand, she could see her watch and knew the time. She was so tired that she did not want to move at all.

"It's half past four. If we go back to the army base now, I think it will be almost time to get off work when we arrive." Mark turned around to look at her. He was a little worried about Daisy as she was in such low spirits.

"Is it half past four? How can time pass so quickly?" She did not answer Mark's query. Rather, she retorted to what he just said.

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