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   Chapter 729 Came Across Louisa Again (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7669

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"You are probably not telling the truth! I prefer to think this way so I could avoid pressure." She knew the way she talked would surprise him greatly. Nevertheless, this was who she was now. She was greatly influenced by Edward and learned nothing good but the excessively suave manner.

"Hey, you don't really care about hurting my feelings, do you? We had spent years together, fighting between life and death with each other. Is this how you treat me? Come on, I really meant it when I said those words!" Her words actually stung in his ears. Zemo tossed his hair unconsciously out of distress. A touch of sadness seized his heart all of a sudden. He couldn't tell what was really going on with him. The only thing he knew was that they could never get back to the beautiful old days when they trusted each other and would literally talk about anything in the world.

"Come on. You always boast about your heart being tough, like super diamond? How could I possibly hurt your feelings by mere words? What now? Has your heart just turned to glass? Easy to shatter?" Daisy opened the car door with a big grin. Mark had already been waiting for her for too long. He was a smart soldier and could always guess his colonel's mind correctly.

"Well, to be honest with you, your words could be quite hurtful sometimes. Whenever I am in front of you, my super diamond heart somehow turns to vulnerable glass." Zemo laughed and shook his head slowly. He wished that he could talk with her all the time. The way they hanged out with each other made him feel real and relaxed. There was so much he wanted to tell her but it was just too hard to find the right wording.

"Alrighty. Now let's talk business. I need to do some errands. I will see you tonight at Westin." Daisy smiled generously as she gave him the restaurant name. Her eyes were sparkling with joy. Westin Western Restaurant was a renowned restaurant in S City. It actually belonged to the FX International Group. The food there was to Daisy's taste. However, the reason she chose this restaurant was because she believed in its reputation and thought it was worth taking Zemo there. She grew up in S City but she seldom had the opportunities to explore the local restaurants due to her military duties. Westin was the first restaurant

ill himself right before the trial. This was unbelievable. Things were getting complicated here.

"We sent him straight to the hospital the moment we found him in blood pool. We haven't heard any good news from the hospital yet. Things are not going well for him according to the doctor who updated us minutes ago." The warden was pacing back and forth before the surgery room as he reported everything he knew to Daisy. He was constantly wiping his sweaty forehead. Hawks' prison break had left a dent on his career the last time. Hero's suicide attempt would not be different. He was definitely in big trouble for these two consecutive incidents.

"Which hospital you are at? I will be right on my way." Daisy's eyebrows furrowed. She bitterly closed her eyes and leaned back to the car seat. What a proud man Hero was! He would rather end his own life than be in the trial before everyone in the court. What a stubborn man!

"We are at the city hospital. Hero is now in the emergency room. The surgeons are trying to rescue his life." The warden's voice was getting lower and lower. Daisy could tell he was petrified. Things were getting critical now and everyone felt like they were treading on thin ice.

"Noted. I will be with you as soon as possible." Daisy ended the phone and calmly ordered Mark to turn the car around, "We need to drive to the city hospital. Now!"

"Yes, Colonel!" Mark turned the steering wheel and the car made a sharp U turn. They raced towards the down town without any further hesitation.

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