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   Chapter 728 Came Across Louisa Again (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7720

Updated: 2018-12-21 00:12

"Hey! You are not lovers, nor are you brother and sister. So, what do you mean by family?!" Louisa raised her hand and tossed her wavy linen coloured hair. She gave Daisy a scornful look and waited for her explanation.

"Miss Ye, I have been treating you with great patience and politeness since we met. Please be advised that it is only because I know that you are the Commander's daughter. However, I don't think it is necessary for me to report to you about my private life." Louisa's rudeness had successfully crossed Daisy. She felt greatly offended by her overbearing words. Daisy's pretty face became darker as she glared at Louisa.

"Whatever! You might just as well keep your pathetic secret! You are nothing but a soldier in my eyes. What are you cocky for?" Spoiled brat as she was, Louisa had never been told off by anyone like this before. She felt humiliated, thus her words became even more aggressive. She held up her chin and glared back at Daisy.

"Miss Ye, judging from your tone, I assume that you are looking down on people who follow their career paths in the military? I hope for you to at least have the decency to know the importance of us soldiers. It is only because of military efforts that you are able to enjoy a prosperous society!" Daisy really treated her career seriously and what Louisa just said hurt her bad. She could not stand her absurd rudeness anymore that's why she snapped back angrily.

"Don't be a joke! I am only looking down upon you. I never said that for the rest of the soldiers. What are you barking about? Trying to label me with random tags?" Louisa's lips curled up disrespectfully. She gave Daisy a hard look then moved her head away quickly, acting as if she was a queen who just saw a peasant.

"Well, say whatever you want. Since I am such a nuisance to you, I might just as well leave you alone. Bye." Daisy's good mood was completely ruined. With these words, she turned around and was about to take off.

"Daisy! Stop! We are not done yet, give me the key right now!" Louisa jumped to her feet and charged over with a pouty mouth. Her face was twisted with anger. She never anticipated for Daisy to leave her right in the middle of the conversation. How could she treat her with such direct indifference? Didn't she know who she was?


isy's lips curled up as she efficiently sorted out the documents on her desk.

"What are you talking about?! Trust me, there is no hot girl more important than you!" Zemo sounded extremely sincere in the phone. Daisy grinned at his words. She wondered whether he really meant it or not. One thing she knew for sure was that Zemo really cherished their friendship as much as she did.

"More important than your hot girls? Stop it. I don't believe you at all. Anyway, I will see you at dinner then." Daisy stood up from the desk and checked the documents carefully, hoping she did not leave anything important behind.

"I am telling you the truth. I can't see the future but I can promise you that you are the most important woman in my heart right now." Zemo's face softened as he talked to her in a gentle voice. A loving smile cracked his face as he spoiled her with soothing words.

"Oh really?" Daisy laughed generously on the phone. She picked her military cap and briefcase then swiftly walked towards the parking lot.

"What do you think then? Am I speaking the truth or not?" Zemo grinned silently. He hadn't seen her for ages but the memories of her were still fresh and vivid. However, it seemed that she had changed a lot. She would never tease him and joke around like this before. Zemo thought about their conversation just now and realized that every single word she said to him was kind of enticing. It was as if she was teasing him. What had changed her so much? Could it be the charming man he saw the other night?

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