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   Chapter 727 Came Across Louisa Again (Part One)

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Meanwhile, Daisy was pacing towards the canteen situated in the army base. Her face was covered with sweat and she was a little short of breath. She had just completed an armed cross field race with her soldiers. Together, they covered a solid distance of five kilometers. With her heart still beating fast, Daisy gasped for air as she walked steadily to the canteen.

It was twelve o'clock and it was well past lunch time. Fortunately, the canteen kitchen was still in operation and was able to provide hot meals for the soldiers. The soldiers stopped talking as soon as Daisy stepped into the dining hall. She smiled and said, "Hey guys, don't mind me. I won't bite. Please feel at ease." Daisy looked around the tables, each of the soldiers was still covered in sweat. Nonetheless, nobody bothered to take a shower to freshen up as they were utterly hungry due to the training. Even Daisy herself went here to eat first without wiping away her sweat.

The soldiers went back to eating upon hearing her words. The meals were very delicious that they didn't even find time to talk to one another. However, Daisy could tell that they were not as at ease as before, since she showed up here.

Daisy was not picky at all in terms of her diet. She never demanded special treatment and always dined out in the canteen just like her soldiers. She enjoyed the food as much as they did.

"Colonel, I am here." Mark stood up and waved at her direction. He had already prepared something special for her to enjoy. He had originally planned to bring the food to her office, so it was a bit of a surprise for him to see her in the canteen.

Daisy pursed her lips and walked towards Mark's table. Although she had told the soldiers to feel at ease while she was around, they still behaved properly in her presence. Daisy was their colonel after all and they didn't dare to misbehave in front of their higher official. The soldiers respected their colonel sincerely and intended to act in a proper way whenever she was around.

"Don't mind me. Just eat! We still need to attend to something later on." Daisy pulled a chair over and casually sat down. She acted gracefully in spite of the stares from the soldiers. She was not feeling awkward at all.

"Yes, Colonel." Mark nodded swiftly to what Daisy said. However, he wasn't able to stop his curiosity from asking more about their agenda. "What are we going to do?"

"You are a soldier and it i

. She was greatly offended by Louisa. She hated to be pointed at by others.

"Are you and Major General Gu a couple?" Louisa clenched her fists. She stared at Daisy's mouth expectantly in fear of hearing something unacceptable from her.

"No. Things are not like what you think. We are comrades." Daisy gave her a cold look. She had no interest in her intentions. The questions she asked her were all pointless and she had no idea why she kept throwing these questions at her.

"What a relief to know! I am glad you are not a couple!" Louisa pressed both of her hands on her chest as she gasped rapidly. She looked as if she had been chased by a ghost.

"Miss Ye, do you have any other questions? If there's none, please excuse me." Daisy still had other things to attend to this afternoon. She didn't wish to waste her time here with Louisa.

"Hey, wait! If you are not his girlfriend, then why did he give you his key then?" Louisa raised her voice and confronted her with another rude question. It was evident that she had no intention of letting the topic go easily. She was so stubborn that she had to get to the bottom of the matter.

"I just explained to you. The Major General and I are like a family. We are really close to each other. Of course I would have a copy of his key to the apartment. It's natural!" Daisy could have kicked herself for telling Louisa about the key. It seemed that she had just scheduled herself for a big trouble. If she had known better, she would not have told her about anything in the first place! It was really frustrating that she had to deal with this kind of situation now.

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