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   Chapter 725 President Of YD Group (Part One)

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Belinda didn't sleep well that night. She had quite the shock that night and was still restless when sleeping. She tossed and turned in fright, tortured by nightmares. As a result, Duke didn't sleep well either. They didn't wake up until about noon the next day.

The injuries on her body still hurt a bit, but the burning pain had subsided considerably. Belinda had a meeting with the president of the YD Group today. Standing in the cloakroom, she contemplated on what to wear. It wasn't very convenient for her to wear her usual tight suits because of her wounds, so she chose a loose long dress with long sleeves. Luckily, it was autumn, so it wasn't odd for her to wear a long dress. She looked quite professional and elegant in her attire.

"Honey, take the pills." After breakfast, Belinda was about to leave the table when Duke stopped her. He handed her the pills that Tom had prescribed, holding a glass of water in his other hand.

"Thank you." Belinda accepted the pills with a frown. She hesitated for a moment before throwing the pills into her mouth. Before Duke could hand the water to her, she grabbed the glass, drank a mouthful of water and swallowed it along with the pills. It seemed that the fearless Belinda was afraid of taking medicine.

"You are afraid of taking medicine, " Duke commented in astonishment, eyes wide in surprise. He hadn't noticed that before.

"No, I'm not! I just don't like the bitter taste, " Belinda explained defensively. She handed the glass back to Duke, rolling her eyes at him.

"Is there a difference?" Duke asked in confusion, playing with the glass in his hand.

"Of course, there is! I'm not afraid of taking medicine. I just don't like the taste of some bitter pills. Do you understand now?" Belinda gave a pleasant smile. She knew that her logic didn't make sense, but she was reluctant to admit that she didn't like taking medicine.

"Bullshit. Do you want to cancel your appointment today?" Duke asked. He wasn't aware that his gaze was full of affection as he looked at her.

"Definitely not! My assistant Simon went to great pains to make the appointment with the president of YD Group possible." If she cancelled the appointment, all of Simon's efforts would be for nothing.

"Fine." Duke raised his wrist to check the time. "We have twenty minutes, that's just about enough time. I'll drive you there."

"I can drive myself there." Belinda knew that Duke was worried about her injuries, but she didn't feel like a delicate lady at all. She believed that she could drive on her own.

"Don't worry. I'm not coming in with you. I'll just wait for you in the car. You said it wouldn't take a long time, right?" Duke picked up his car keys. He had already deci


"My apologies. Ms. Shangguan, don't you remember me? We met at the Blue Enchantress." Zemo asked with a frown. When Belinda walked up to him and Daisy that night, she hadn't been wasted. Why didn't she recognize him?

"I'm sorry for my poor memory, " Belinda apologized with a flushed face. She hadn't paid any attention to the man sitting next to Daisy that night.

"Ms. Shangguan, you are a frank and lovely lady. I'm very curious about how you became good friends with Daisy. After all, Daisy has a completely different personality from you. Could you tell me the story?" Everyone had the same question whenever they found out that Belinda and Daisy were good friends. As a result, Belinda was used to it.

"You're Daisy's friend, huh? How did you come to know her?" Instead of answering Zemo's question, Belinda asked him with one of her own. She was eager to know the story behind Daisy and Zemo's friendship. Daisy had never mentioned Zemo to her before.

"We were schoolmates in the JC Military Academy. But I dropped out of school and haven't been able to contact her since then. We didn't expect to see each other at the bar that night. And that's where I first met you, " Zemo answered in a soft tone. Belinda was Daisy's best friend. He didn't act coldly towards her as he usually did with others.

"What? You were schoolmates? But Daisy never mentioned you before!" Belinda exclaimed, her eyes widening in shock. She couldn't believe what she just heard. On the other hand, Zemo's face had turned blank.

"Maybe she doesn't think I'm important, so she never mentioned me, " Zemo stated in a low voice, his eyes darkening in displeasure. Maybe Daisy had deliberately blocked the painful and unnecessary memories from her mind. That would explain why she had been so calm when they met that night.

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