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   Chapter 724 Uprooted Jasmines (Part Two)

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"I think it's related to my mom." Justin smiled. Judging from how much his dad loved his mom, the reason Edward was so fond of jasmines could only be his mom. Justin couldn't think of anybody else who could weigh so much in his dad's heart except for her. It was not possible in any way for Edward to plant those flowers for any other woman.

"Yes, completely right. You're so clever." Edward smiled in admiration. Since Justin already knew, he thought it was needless to keep hiding it.

"In that case, did you fall in love with mom long before our family got reunited?" The first time Justin entered the house, he remembered seeing those jasmines. This was the reason why he was so certain.

"That's not your concern. You kids don't understand the adult world. Okay, we're here." Edward pulled the car over at the gate of the school and opened the door of the car. It happened to be the time that all the parents were bringing their kids to school, so there were many luxurious cars parked nearby. But the appearance of the luxurious Lamborghini was quite a rare sight.

Justin looked outside the car window, trying to find the boy who always showed off in front of him. Today, it would be Justin's turn to show off. But after searching for a while, he couldn't find him anywhere. Justin became a little frustrated at the prospect of getting riled up by that annoying boy again.

"What are you looking for? Get out of the car." Edward pulled the door open and followed Justin's gaze, but he didn't find anything unusual.

"Haha... Nothing!" Justin slowly got off the car. He stood at the gate of the school and continued to look around, trying to find the boy. If he missed this chance today, he didn't know what excuse he could give to his dad to bring him to school another time.

Although Edward found his son's behavior odd, he stopped asking and went into the car to pick up the ringing phone. He didn't have time to pay attention to Justin's strange behavior.

"Justin, this is my dad. Isn't he very handsome?" At this time, an adorable boy appeared with a gentleman next to him. The boy smiled smugly at Justin.

"Good morning, uncle." Although Justin didn't like the boy, the good manners that had been instilled in him since he was little made him greet them politely.

"Good morning, little boy." Moore Fei lowered his head and looked at Justin with a smile. He had the feeling that he had met the boy before, but he failed to remember on which occasion they had met.

"Dad, hurry up, I'm getting late!" Justin shouted at Edward, who was sitting in the car and talking on the phone. He suddenly found his actions stupid. But the arrow had already left

ll. He continued to ask questions that he was curious about.

"I don't know." Justin didn't give any clear answer. If he had known that Martin Fei was such an annoying boy, he wouldn't have asked Edward to come with him. But it was done now, he already drew Martin's attention. He had to suffer Martin Fei's pestering for the rest of his life. This was what would happen in the later part of the story.

"So, what does your father do? He looks so awesome!" Whatever Justin said didn't matter now. Martin Fei would continue to ask him questions no matter what. He believed that Justin would tell him in the end.

"He sells things." In Justin's eyes, that was exactly what he thought his father did. From department stores to restaurants, his father's business sold things. So he thought that he was answering in the correct way.

"Really? Does he sell delicious food?" Martin Fei swallowed his saliva at the thought. He was obviously also a foodie who was only interested in excellent delicacies.

"You're such a pig, only thinking about food." Justin looked at Martin Fei with contempt. Although he was also a foodie himself, he ignored the fact in favor of deriding Martin Fei.

"Does he sell delicious food or not? Please tell me!" Martin Fei continued to pester Justin with his questions. Probably because he lacked the exercise, he panted as he trotted to keep up with Justin's pace.

"Yes. If you don't want to be a fat boy, you can keep being curious." Justin quickened his steps, while Martin Fei continued to follow him without the slightest intention of giving up. Their voices quickly trailed off in the distance. Many years later, they would look back at this memory with amusement. Although they started out as enemies, they became friends since that morning.

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