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   Chapter 723 Uprooted Jasmines (Part One)

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"Don't cry over spilled milk. That's exactly the case. It's too late to take back your words now." Edward raised his eyebrows at the sullen look on Justin's face. Justin wanted to rile Edward up, but he was too young and naive. Since Edward was the father, it was impossible for him to lose to his son.

"Ha! Dad, I know you won't disappoint me, will you?" Justin repeatedly shook his dad's arm, despite the fact that Edward was in the middle of eating his breakfast.

"What makes you think so?" Edward stuck out his tongue to lick the rice on his lips. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Justin with a derisive smile.

"I don't care about anything else. I only know that if you don't go with me, I will lose to someone!" Justin pouted. Thinking of the new boy in his class, his face swelled with anger. Not only was the newcomer cocky, but he also constantly made trouble for Justin. If he wasn't worried about his mother punishing him and making him join the drill, he would have taught the boy a good lesson earlier. Then the newcomer wouldn't have had the chance to be so overbearing in front of Justin.

"Alright, spit it out. What did you do this time?" Edward put down his chopsticks and took out a napkin to wipe his mouth before standing up.

"I didn't do anything! It's just been a long time since the last time you took me to school." Justin bit his lip. He didn't want to admit that the reason he was insisting that his father bring him to school was because he was sick of the cocky boy boasting how handsome his dad was. Justin didn't want to lose to him in this regard.

"Is it really just that? Why does it seem like you're not telling the truth?" Edward grabbed his suit and briefcase from the sofa and gave Justin an incredulous look.

"Yes, that's the only reason why I want you to go with me. You are thinking too much." Justin took his backpack and rushed to keep up with Edward, his face beaming with excitement. He knew his father would give in.

As soon as they walked to the garden of their house, Edward was shocked by the sight that greeted him. He had wondered why everyone suddenly disappeared from the house. It turned out that they all gathered in the garden. Even his parents were present.

"What are you doing here?" Edward frowned. When he saw the uprooted plants lying on the ground, he felt his stomach turn.

"Mr. Mu, your mom said she was bored and wanted to plant some vegetables in this plot. In this case, we don't have to buy inorganic vegetables from the market anymore. We can grow organic vegetables at home." Mrs. Wu wiped the mud off her hands, and looked at Edward with concern. She knew that the jasmine flowers in the garden were Edward's favorites.


find a place for these jasmine flowers and replant them." Cynthia heaved a sigh. Actually, she was very satisfied with how things turned out. Although Edward got really angry, he didn't shout at her or lose his temper with her. If it were before, this reaction would have been impossible.

"Okay, I will." Mrs. Wu shook her head. Cynthia was so stubborn to challenge Edward like that. Despite knowing that the jasmines were his favorites, she insisted on growing the vegetables in the same plot.

During the entire trip to the school, Edward kept his mouth shut firmly and didn't say a word. Justin couldn't help but worry at the tense silence. It seemed that the flowers were very important to his dad, otherwise he wouldn't be so angry.

"Dad, are you still mad at grandma?" Justin asked, turning his head to look at him. He seldom saw his dad so quiet.

"No, I just feel bad for the flowers." Edward flashed a reassuring smile towards Justin before turning back forward to keep his attention on the road. He was only angry for an instant, he felt more regretful than anything else. The flowers represented his childhood dream. Although he had already made it come true, he still wanted to preserve the memory. Seeing the flowers every time he passed by the garden was a reminder of his passion for this dream.

"Why do you like jasmines so much?" Seeing that Edward had calmed down, Justin began to ask him to get to the root of the matter. All the things his father used were jasmine-scented. Justin had always been curious about this, but he couldn't find the appropriate moment to bring up the topic. He seized the opportunity to satisfy his curiosity.

"Guess." Edward gave him a mysterious smile. It was a secret he only shared with Daisy, and he wanted to keep the beautiful memory to themselves.

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