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   Chapter 722 The Most Scheming Man (Part Two)

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Tom closed his eyes and told himself not to be angry or he would really be killed by Duke's arrogance. After quietly adjusting his mood, Tom went downstairs and soon left the place which drove him nuts.

S City was still in a dark color in the early morning minutes after the sun rose. Daisy was already on her way to the military base.

"Colonel, will you be promoted this time?" Mark asked tentatively, looking at Daisy in the rear view mirror.

"I'm not going to get promoted. Remember the tip-off last time? It affected me a lot. So, even if I performed deeds of merit in the military drill, it was useless." Daisy didn't care if she could get a promotion. She just wanted to do her job well.

"But you'll not know when you'll get a promotion if you miss this opportunity, " Mark pouted, feeling a little bit unhappy with what had happened to Daisy.

"It doesn't matter. I am quite happy now. Anyway, I got what I want. There is no need to be greedy. Just as the old saying goes, "A man who is contented will be happy." Daisy smiled mildly. She used to work hard to match with Edward. She had lost that impulse now, having no enthusiasm and perseverance for promotion.

"I'm just angry. Why do you have to make sacrifices every time? That's unfair. I thought you would be able to regain people's approval in the military drill this time even though you missed the opportunity in the closed training the last time. I didn't expect that this drill would still be ruined by someone." Mark was angry at the very mention of it. He did not understand why his colonel's merit and strength were always ignored by them.

"I'm not angry, so you don't have to be angry. You can say that in front of me but don't tell anyone else. I can't protect you if you do that. Did you hear me?" Daisy knew Mark was speaking for her but she was still worried that he was too noisy to keep his mouth shut.

"Yes, I did, Colonel." Mark was not that stupid to say anything in front of others. He could just complain. He didn't want to get Daisy into trouble, after all,.

"Okay. Drive carefully." Looking from the car window, Daisy saw patches of fallen leaves w

of all kinds of designer clothes. He put on a black shirt and a silver-gray tie. Then he took a black suit and went downstairs. He looked more handsome in this suit.

"Wow! Daddy, I'll give you a full score of 90 for your suit. " Justin was so excited when he saw what Edward was wearing today that his face started to crack into a smile.

"Isn't the full score 100? Why is it 90?" Edward put his coat and briefcase on the sofa, and then walked to sit down at the table.

"In my assessment, there is a 10-point floating score, or you will have no room for development." Justin said earnestly, leaning against the table and looking at his Dad.

"You mean I'm not that handsome today?" Edward glanced at Justin and began to eat breakfast. 'Justin is the only one at home today? Where are the others? This is so weird, ' he thought.

"Come on. That's a compliment! I mean you could be more handsome. It would be great if you wore women's clothes. You must look incredibly beautiful." Justin said excitedly, with a look of anticipation on his face.

"Buddy, it seems that you don't want me to send you to the school today?" 'Did he really just say that I look like a woman? Isn't he afraid I won't send him to school?' Edward thought.

"No. I didn't mean that. " Justin touched his nose and thought, 'Who said that he is an easy-going man? That's nonsense! He is the most scheming man who can easily defeat you at any time.'

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