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   Chapter 721 The Most Scheming Man (Part One)

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Belinda bit her lip and slowly closed her eyes. She thought, 'He's seen my body so many times already. Wouldn't it be too pretentious for me to be so reserved? Well, I'll just close my eyes and not look at him so I wouldn't be shy because of his look.'

Duke smiled playfully but he had no evil thoughts at all. He took a deep sad breath while looking at Belinda's bruises. He then stooped down before her and carefully applied the hemostatic powder on her bloody wounds.

"It would hurt a little. Hold on." Duke was gentle when he applied the medicine on Belinda's bruises and it was something unusual of him. His heart ached every time he saw her bruises. He didn't know if he had fallen in love with this woman who was as free as the wind but he knew that he had felt sad and choked up when he saw the bruises all over her.

"Okay..." Belinda frowned and hummed. 'It's not like what he said. It really hurts, ' she thought.

Duke regretted that he had just been too kind to that bastard while looking at Belinda's numerous wounds. He couldn't wait to kill that beast to get rid of his anger.

"Does it hurt?" Duke frowned as he looked at Belinda who was struggling in pain, and then gently applied the medicine on her bruises.

"No, it doesn't hurt much." Actually, it was not the pain of the powder biting on her wounds that troubled Belinda but Duke's way of looking at her naked body.

"I'm sorry. I know that it wouldn't relieve your pain even if I say sorry ten thousand times but still... sorry. As a man, I should not have only cared about my own self-esteem and ignored your feelings. It's my fault."

Duke looked soulfully at Belinda's half-closed eyes and then smiled in self-disapproval. He thought, 'I've been telling myself to be humble but I failed. I brought danger to Belinda." He looked at the woman in front of him with mixed feelings. He knew he cared about her. It was just that he didn't know how to deal with his feelings for her.

"You don't have to feel guilty. It's all my fault. It has nothing to do with anyone else." Belinda might be careless and outspoken but unlike other girls in rich families, she wouldn't be capricious. She would not blame others for her own mistakes. Although she felt v

Belinda nodded softly. Belinda felt her wounds were less painful after Tom's treatment, "Okay. Goodbye." Tom picked up his medicine box, turned around and walked out. Duke followed him.

"How is her injury? How long will it take her to recover?" Duke asked anxiously. He suddenly felt uneasy upon remembering that Belinda had an appointment with the President of YD Group the next day.

"She's all right. She will be okay when the water on her wounds dries. As long as she keeps the wounds untouched, it will not affect her ordinary daily activities, " Tom said calmly with his head tilted.

"Good. Okay, you may leave now. I'm not going to send you out." Duke stopped as soon as he heard what he wanted. Apparently, he did not intend to send Tom downstairs.

"Damn it, Duke! Could you be more impolite? You're not going to take me downstairs. I knew that! Is that how you treat your guests?" Tom glared at Duke. He thought, 'Who says the youngest one can get the most favor? Why don't I get it? Why am I so miserable? '

"Are you a guest?" Duke looked at him coldly with a trace of banter in his eyes.

"No, I am not." Tom answered honestly. Duke's family was the one he visited most often besides Edward's. He knew Duke's family very well for him to not be considered as a guest.

"Since you are not a guest, why should I send you down? You know how to get down, right? Just go." As soon as Duke had finished speaking, he walked into the room, showing no politeness to Tom.

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