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   Chapter 699 An Old Acquaintance (Part Two)

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"Well, I don't know how to dance, so, not me. How about you two go out there? " Daisy refused to dance with them. She only learned some social dancing before and really knew nothing about how to dance at a nightclub. Not to mention she was also too shy to dance in front of people, especially in a place like the nightclub. She was not used to being the center of attention, and didn't intend to start now.

"I'm not going either, Belinda. I prefer to drink quietly." Leena did not want to dance either. She was pretty sure Duke was going to get there soon. She did not dare to irritate him.

"You're both staying here? Well, okay, I'll go by myself!" Belinda had no problem dancing in public. She'd studied abroad, and was quite worldly and open-minded.

"Okay. Go and have a good time! We'll just sit here and watch you, " Daisy said, giving Belinda a tender smile. Really, she thought Leena was worried about nothing. It was good for Belinda to get out there, dance, and forget her cares. There was nothing to be concerned about. Anyway, it was just dancing; Duke should not be angry about it!

Once Belinda approached the stage, she immediately attracted a lot of attentions and whistles from countless men. After all, such a young lady with a beautiful face and a curvy figure was rare in the nightclub, Belinda was hot and she knew it. Hence, everyone began approaching her, flirting with her while dancing. Surrounded by the dancers, Belinda just smiled, like a powerful princess looking down upon her subjects.

"Daisy, you think she's okay out there?" Leena said worriedly. Her heart was?about?to?jump?out of?her?throat, especially when she saw a man dancing closely with Belinda.

"Oh my god! Is that really Belinda? She's dancing dangerously. I hope Duke doesn't see that. " Daisy also felt uncertain now. She thought this went way beyond relaxation, and it seemed that Belinda had drunk too much.

"So, what do we do now?" Leena could only rely on Daisy now. She looked at the door from time to time for fear t

ing. Nice to meet you!" His smile was disarming. But even Leena did not like this man who just suddenly popped up, but she still gave him a sweet smile in return for his gentle grin.

"Hi, Mr. Ling, right? Please call me Leena. My friends do. No need to be so polite." Leena didn't know who this man was, but she could tell from the way he looked at Daisy with those gentle eyes that he must harbor some affection for her. So she must keep him away from Daisy.

"That's fine. Then there's no need to call me Mr. Ling, just call me Zemo." Zemo Ling smiled gently again. He was not put off by Leena's boldness. He might be a large man in a suit, but underneath he was a gentleman, and generous to a fault. The behavior matched his looks.

"Sorry, we still don't know each other well. So I still need to behave properly and politely." Leena sneered and thought, 'A good-looking face? Who cares? In comparison with Edward, there is still a huge gap between his appearance and Edward's. Edward is the most handsome man I have ever seen.'

"Don't mind her. She's angry with everyone today!" Daisy frowned, simply explaining to Zemo. She was confused -- why did Leena behave in that way? Leena was certainly a very easy person to get along with. How could she be so fussy about Zemo? Why did she speak to him only in polite tones, and not friendly ones?

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