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   Chapter 720 Duke, Help (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6199

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Duke made the bathwater hotter than usual. He also added some essential oils in the water to help Belinda relax. He walked out of the bathroom when everything was ready for her bath but then halted upon returning to their bedroom and seeing Belinda. Her injuries astonished him.

"How many more injuries like this do you have?" Duke crouched and lifted her feet. His brows were in knots. He hadn't seen these bloodstained injuries in the dark suburb. Nor had he examined her body when they got home. Now that he saw them, he couldn't help but panic.

"No more. Just these on my feet. I got them when I fell. I'm going to have a bath." Belinda withdrew her feet nervously. She got up and started to walk toward the bathroom. She tried but the pain on her feet caused her to stagger.

"Wait a minute. You shouldn't have a bath right now with those injuries. Let me attend to them first." Duke stepped up and attempted to hold her by the arm but Belinda closed the door to the bathroom and locked it from the inside.

Duke frowned. She was stubborn. It seemed that he had to wait until she finished her bath. He went downstairs to fetch the first-aid kit.

In the bathroom, Belinda took off the coat. She bit her lips upon looking at her injuries in the mirror and then walked to the bath. The cuts stung terribly the minute they got wet, but they stopped hurting much anymore after a while.

Belinda kept rubbing her body with a towel. She rubbed so hard that some cuts were reopened and started bleeding again but she didn't stop. She rubbed every inch the drunken man had touched. Her skin was torn and the water had become red, but she was still rubbing. It seemed as if she couldn't feel the pain anymore. She must get clean. She couldn't accept herself as a dirty person.

She couldn't unleash her emotions in front of Duke but she cried in th

and briefly. Sensing that Duke was serious, Tom got out of bed immediately and hurried into the bathroom.

"What's the cause of injury? Be specific. I need to know what medicine to take with me." Tom washed his face quickly with the phone between his head and shoulder.

"Scrapes. I am afraid there is a lot of sand in the cuts. Come as fast as you can. She's bleeding. I'll give her first aid for now. See you later." Duke hung the phone up and took the first-aid kit to the bed. He was sure Tom would be here soon.

"I'm fine. I just need some ointment. You shouldn't have troubled Tom." Belinda gazed at him. She didn't think her injuries were serious.

Duke just looked at her silently. He knew how bad her injuries were. He lifted the quilt to treat the cuts but Belinda pulled it down again quickly.

"Stay still. I must stop the bleeding before Tom gets here, " Duke comforted her and tried lifting the quilt again slowly.

"But ... I am naked. Could you get me a nightgown?" Belinda grabbed the corner of the quilt tightly. She was too shy to lie naked before him.

"Can I stop the bleeding first and bring you your nightgown later?" Duke was extremely patient today. He even had never been so patient with Leena.

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