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   Chapter 719 Duke, Help (Part One)

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"What are you doing? Stop!" Belinda clutched at the chest of her clothes. Desperation was in her eyes when she suddenly let out an empty laugh. It felt like it was hopeless for her to get away now. She wished someone could show up and help her. What was happening to her was just too hard to believe.

"What am I doing? It's rather 'who am I doing.' Come on, hot stuff. You and I are going to have a wonderful time tonight." The man took off his clothes and tossed them on the ground. It was then that he started to haul Belinda towards the roadside.

"Ah! Let me go, you bastard! You son of a bitch! Pervert!" She struggled and cursed but the drunken man was bulky and strong. Getting out of his clutches just seemed impossible.

"Come here, hottie." There was a lewd smile on the man's face.

"Don't come closer! You will regret it!" Belinda hugged herself tightly. Horror and tears flooded her face as she looked at the man.


"Help! Duke! Help me! Duke!" Belinda cried and screamed. She kept kicking with all her strength. However, her resistance did not make anything better as this just aroused the man even more. He put her hands above her head and held them with one hand as he started to unbuckle his belt with his other. Belinda felt like vomiting just by seeing the gross horny look on the man's face. Her mind went blank.

"Yeah! That's right! Scream! Nobody's coming to help you! They can't hear you ..." The man wasn't able to finish his sentence when a sudden beam of light appeared. He looked up but he couldn't even open his eyes. The light was too bright. A sound of a car pierced through the air then stopped abruptly. Before the fat man realized what was going on, he already received a kick and fell on the ground on his fours like a huge meatball. No doubt the person who kicked him was burning with wrath and had exerted as much strength as he could.

Duke's eyes were filled with anger. He kept kicking the man as if he wanted him dead right away. The next kick was always harder than the last one. Based on the grim air that surrounde

ister smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Apparently, the fat man had touched a nerve and he was going to pay for what he had done. The car started to speed up.

Belinda had been quiet, motionless, and cringing in the passenger seat. The drunken man's hands had been all over her. She felt dirty although the man didn't get what he had wanted. She was old-fashioned and committed in relationship. Those touches crushed her.

Different from the suburb, the city center's night was as bright as daytime. Duke had been checking on Belinda all the way. She hadn't said a word after he had smacked himself. She neither cried nor yelled. He didn't disturb her silence. Words were hollow and pointless at this point.

It was very late when they got to the Leng's residence. The night was tranquil. Duke opened the car door and carried Belinda out. Belinda didn't struggle. She was like a puppet in his arms as he carried her upstairs to their bedroom.

"I want to take a bath." Belinda finally spoke when Duke put her on the bed.

"Okay. Wait here. I'm going to run the water for you." He replied in a gentle and low voice, trying to do whatever he could to make her feel better.

Belinda didn't say anything in response. She just pulled the oversize coat. Her body was stiff. She had gotten many bruises and scrapes from the fall. It hurt too much when she made a move.

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