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   Chapter 718 A Drunkard (Part Two)

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Belinda regretted not having learned Chinese Kung Fu or kickboxing because of laziness. The only thing she could do was stand still. As the man stalked forward, her heart went to her throat. Belinda had a strong impulse to run off, but she dared not pass the man by. She didn't know what kind of person he was. She was at a loss. The best course of action for her was to stay put.

She had always been a tough woman. But in this remote and dark place, Belinda was scared. Her hands clenched into tight fists. She was prepared to fight if necessary.

The man approached her step by step. Belinda's knees trembled, as if she was about to face a monster. She didn't dare move her eyes away. If she had anticipated this would happen, she wouldn't have refused Duke's invitation in exchange for her ridiculous pride. She'd already have been far away from this damned place! But what was done couldn't be undone. She had to bear the consequences for her waywardness.

"Oh, my! I never dreamed of seeing such a beauty on this remote land." Belinda was right, the man was indeed drunk. She could clearly smell the disgusting scent of alcohol that he gave off as he drew nearer.

"You... What do you want?" Belinda asked, her lips quivering. She glanced several times in the direction of the highway, hoping Duke would come back. To her disappointment, however, not a ray of light could be seen at the end of the trail. Everything was cloaked in sheer darkness.

"Hmm... You're so beautiful, doll! What do you expect I want in this dark, desolate place?" The man asked as he burped loudly. He was of medium built and in his forties. Belinda could not make out his facial features in the dim light. But his sentence had already frightened her.

"Stay back. My husband... he's nearby. He went to fetch something. He'll be back soon." Belinda backed away as she threatened him to ward him off. But she panicked and lost control of her pace.

"Husband! Aha... You can take me as your husband, doll. Hmm... I won't mind taking your husband's place tonight." He staggered nearer. Belinda screamed and darted in the direction of the highway. The man began chasing her immediately as she sprinted.

"Hey, doll. Don't leave me alone! I promise it'll be fun for you!" He yelled as he chased Belinda on one foot. He was in such a drunk state that it wasn't easy for him to catch her.

you beast! Leave me alone or you're a dead man!" Belinda racked her brains for every conceivable dirty name she could think of to curse the bastard. She struggled to twist her body and fend him off, but didn't realize how that excited him. He couldn't restrain himself any longer. He grabbed Belinda's face and tried to kiss her. Belinda could smell the alcohol on him. She felt nauseated and tried her best to dodge the forced kiss.

"Abuse me if you like! I get aroused hearing you curse. Smooth skin, pretty face. What a beauty you are! I can't wait any longer, doll." The man said as he caressed her arm, before moving to her face. Belinda shuddered, and dodged his touch in time.

"You demon! If you try anything with me, you'll die pitifully. My friend is a colonel. When she catches you, you'll be tortured in ways you can't imagine." Belinda was exhausted beyond belief, but she insisted on fighting till the very end. She would never surrender herself to this man. She'd find an opportunity to escape.

"But I must sleep with you before I die. It must be nice, dying in a beautiful woman's arms. You're mine tonight. You can't escape your destiny, " He said, before pressing his mouth on hers. Belinda was horrified as she struggled against his arms. She stomped on his foot with one of her heels. He groaned in pain and relaxed his hold, helping her get away from under his body. But before she could think of escaping, heavy hands dragged her down on the ground. The drunkard laughed as he looked at Belinda's beautiful, teary face. He began taking off his clothes.

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