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   Chapter 717 A Drunkard (Part One)

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"Even if I don't mention Rachel, she's still between us. That's indisputable. Do you really feel nothing when she's around you? I don't believe it." Duke had withdrawn his arm from around Belinda. She turned on her side, causing the coat to slip.

"If that's what you think about me, then all my explanations would go in vain." Duke didn't want to get angry, but a sense of overwhelming frustration seized him. Everything he did was futile when it came to her.

"I knew it. You don't even intend to explain yourself. We aren't married out of love, so we don't have to be faithful to each other." Belinda rose to her feet. She shook the sand off her shirt and began walking dazedly, away from Duke. In her hurry she forgot to pick up the overcoat he had put on her.

"Belinda, are you in love with me?" The wind carried Duke's words to Belinda, as the scent of seaweed grew in the air. But Belinda was in no mood to enjoy the pleasant smell, because Duke's words had shocked her. They stood with their backs facing each other. Neither could see the sorrow on the other's face.

"Ha! You think that could ever happen?" Belinda smiled and said in a mocking tone. Duke's love was out of her reach. He probably had feelings for his ex-girlfriend. How could she admit to her love for him when his own wasn't certain? She was afraid of stepping on her own heart.

"If not, excellent! Don't fall in love with me. I can't give you the love you want." Belinda closed her eyes in bitterness. She had expected that answer, but she still felt a stabbing pain in her chest. She didn't mean what she had said, but apparently, Luke didn't love her anyway.

"You don't have to worry about that. I'm not a naive girl; I don't ask for things that aren't mine to have." A single tear slid down Belinda's face. She tried to get a glimpse of Duke from the corner of her eyes, but it was in vain. She bit her lip to suppress the impulse to cry, then she turned around and began walking briskly. It was too painful to remain on this beach any longer.

Duke swallowed angrily as Belinda walked away. At long last, he turned around to follow her. To his surprise, she wasn't heading to his car. Duke panicked, hastening his pace. As soon as she was within his reach, he took hold of her wrist.

"Belinda, where are you going? Are you crazy? Stop testing my patience, please!" Daisy had told Duke about Belinda's temper. But her capriciousness and ruthless words had hurt and enraged him so much that he left the advice far behind.

"Let go of me. After all, you think I'm a crazy woman who likes to make trouble for no reaso

a real couple. Was Rachel truly better than her? She was Duke's ex. He must have been hers, body and soul. But as Duke's legal wife, what did she own?

The seaside of S City was quite remote from the downtown. The night was pitch black and only a crescent moon hung in the sky. The trail was shrouded in darkness. As she stood up to walk, Belinda lifted her teary eyes to take measure of her gloomy surroundings. The terrible sight made her hair stand on end.

Belinda sped up as fear spread in her heart. She finally grasped what she had gotten herself into. She hastened ahead. It was so dark that she tripped on gravel, feeling a sting on the palm of her hand. In spite of the sharp pain, she got up and went in the direction of the highway. She could take a taxi once she got there.

She felt a sense of helplessness she had never experienced before. She had never been as fragile before now. Belinda wasn't usually a person who cried a lot, but tonight her eyes were a river of tears. She knew very well that Duke had a heart of stone, but his coldness went beyond her imagination.

Suddenly, a staggering figure caught Belinda's attention. She stopped, afraid. A man singing an obscene song came into her view. Belinda quickly took several steps aback. Was he drunk? she wondered, cautiously studying the man. If that was the case, what could she do? She turned around to take a look at the beach. But it was so far away! How would she run? The beach might not necessarily be a safe place either. There were several roads from the beach leading to the highway. What if the people at the beach had left by the other roads? What if nobody was there? Who could help her? If she went back, wouldn't she be further away from home?

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