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   Chapter 716 No, You're Lying (Part Two)

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"I'll tell you. For a while when she was younger, she had gained a few extra pounds. We told her that she looked adorable, but she wanted to lose the weight right away when she was fat-shamed by her classmates at school. So she started eating vegetarian meals. Later, that became her inspiration for opening a vegetarian restaurant."

Duke reminisced, as if it had happened yesterday. It was obvious he was fond of the lovely memory he shared with his little sister. It made Belinda realize that no matter how reluctant he was to admit the love he had for his sister, he deeply cared for her in his heart. He wouldn't have looked this happy otherwise.

"She's so slender now, I wouldn't have thought she was a chubby kid." Belinda couldn't imagine Leena being overweight. She was so petite.

"It took her about a year of exercises and vegetarian meals to get back in shape." Duke poured out a glass of water and put it in front of Belinda. In those times, he used to accompany her to the gym for all kinds of exercises. Edward had done it too.

"She's quite persistent. Once she sets her mind on doing something, she doesn't stop until she succeeds. I really admire that." Belinda was slowly coming to understand why Duke liked spoiling her. Leena was a unique girl. She was coddled by a lot of people, but she never got cocky. That was remarkable.

"She's not only persistent; she's also very stubborn." Duke involuntarily smiled, thinking about how heartbroken they were when they saw her put in the efforts at exercise. They tried to persuade her to quit, or to at least tone it down a bit. But she hadn't listened to a word they said. She stuck it out and achieved her goal in the end.

"I know that very well." The corner of Belinda's mouth lifted. She loved the hot and sour potatoes at this place. Every time she was here, she enjoyed having the dish.

Duke didn't say anything further as he silently watched her eat. He made mental notes of her preferences secretly. He piled up her plate with more food, as he had done during lunch, earlier in the afternoon. Duke didn't eat much himself, Belinda noticed.

Time passed by in silence. Finally, they finished dinner and walked out of the restaurant. It was nighttime and the city had lit up. The scenic beauty was a feast for everyone's eyes.

"Let's go to the seaside and get some fresh air, what do you say?" Belinda's eyes were hopeful as she raised her head to look at the tall and handsome man beside her.

"Right now? It might be a little cold there at this time." Duke scrutinized her outf

her eyes.

"Where did you get that idea from? Why would you ask me that all of a sudden?" Duke frowned. He had to admit that women were indeed fickle. Belinda was so happy moments ago, but now, all of a sudden, she looked dejected. He didn't understand why.

"Don't worry about where I got the idea from. Just answer me, was it the worst decision of your life or not?" Belinda gently shut her eyes for a moment. She hated being like this. She hated being insecure and petty. She felt awful about herself.

"My answer is an emphatic 'no'. What else do you want me to say?" His hand around her waist tightened. No matter what she thought or said, he never regretted marrying her.

"You're lying. You regret marrying me. Ever since you met Rachel again, you've been having second thoughts about our marriage. Am I wrong? You wouldn't be this miserable otherwise. You're only lying to comfort me, or maybe you're just lying to yourself." Belinda still remembered the way he had unconsciously released her hand in front of Rachel. If Duke really didn't care about that woman, why didn't he want Rachel to see them holding hands? She didn't mention to him that she had noticed, but it bothered her greatly.

"Do you really have to bring up Rachel when we are talking about us? I thought we'd already reached an agreement on this. Things between us have nothing to do with Rachel. I thought you were a reasonable woman, Belinda. It looks like I was awfully wrong. You disappoint me."

Duke quickly let go of her. He stood up, frustrated. These days, everything he did for her was a waste. She didn't realize how he was indulging her at all times. After everything, she still couldn't completely trust him.

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