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   Chapter 715 No, You're Lying (Part One)

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"Yes. Only this way YS group can make new breakthroughs in the advertising industry." Belinda raised her head to look at him. Partnering with YD Group was just the preliminary stage. Whether or not they got the company's outdoor advertising plan depended a lot on their abilities.

"Okay. But take care of your own self. Don't stress yourself out about this too much." Duke's eyebrows furrowed. He didn't know much about YD Group. He was a bit worried about Belinda putting in so much effort into this. But it wasn't possible to try and persuade her to quit now. She knew that if a company wanted to survive in the competitive market, sticking to the rules didn't do the trick. Only innovations and new elements could help one remain invincible.

"You will help me, right?" Belinda asked Duke hopefully.

"No, I won't. I have a lot of things to do myself. I won't have time to help you." Duke glanced at her indifferently. Her hopeful expression hadn't moved him.

"Huh. You're selfish." Belinda pursed her lips. She had known that Duke would say no to her request. But she hadn't expected his blunt reply. She felt a bit hurt.

"Is there anything else that needs to be done? If not, we should go." Duke glanced at her and saw the clear disappointment in her eyes. He couldn't let himself help her too much, she'd become dependent on him. For her own good, she should learn to handle things by herself. He'd still be by her side every step of the way.

"Just a second." Belinda packed up her things, including the documents she had to take home with her. Although she was bothered by Duke's coldness, she didn't say anything. She couldn't force him to do something he didn't want to do. She was indeed stubborn and a little childish, but she wasn't the kind of person who would willfully force someone to help her.

Dusk in late autumn was always exquisite. Yellow leaves danced in the breeze, flaunting their beauty one last time before descending onto the ground lazily. The elegant couple walked slowly. Their alluring looks against the charming scenery made every passerby feel envy.

"We will take my car. Leave yours in the parking lot, " Duke said as he pulled open the car door. It was more of an order than a suggestion. He had always been the dominating one in their relationship.

"I guess that's okay. I can use a driver right now. I don't want to drive anyway." Belinda gladly got inside his car. It would be a waste if they drove two different cars at the same time anyway. So she accepted the suggestion without any hesitation.

Duke's jaw ticked. He was at a loss for words. Was he a mere driver in her eyes? His

all the interiors herself. The reason for opening this restaurant was quite simple. This way, she could order all the dishes she wanted to eat, she said.

"I know the owner too? Seriously? Who is she? How come I have no idea about this?" Belinda was even more curious now. She turned around, perusing the elaborate designs and decorations and tried to find a clue about the owner of the restaurant.

"Didn't you ask me before if we should invite her to have dinner with us?" Upon hearing Belinda's suggestion, Duke had decided to come here and see if they could meet Leena by any chance. He hadn't expected her to go home early.

"You mean Leena?! I've been here several times before, how did I not know this is her restaurant? You're kidding, right?" Belinda was astonished. She wouldn't have ever thought that Leena owned a restaurant. Leena was just a young girl.

"That must have been a long time ago. You didn't know each other back then. Even if you saw her here, you couldn't have possibly recognized her. The Fragrance is indeed hers. She's the owner, but it's basically run by Edward and me. In truth, she's a little free rider." Duke's eyes were affectionate as he talked about Leena. It was such a departure from his usual self.

"I wonder how she got the notion of opening a vegetarian restaurant? I mean, it's a great idea, but it's unusual." Belinda was impressed by Leena's business acumen. Vegetarian restaurants were rare, especially in today's times when everyone was overindulgent and chased luxury. It was because there weren't many vegetarian options in the city that Leena's restaurant was so sought after. There wasn't an empty seat during dinners. Belinda had often left dishearteningly after failing to secure a vacant spot.

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