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   Chapter 714 Softness Begets Tenderness (Part Three)

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"Are you tired?" asked Belinda. She noticed that he looked rather dull ever after coming out from the bathroom. It was not until then that she realized how inappropriate it was for her to have fallen asleep while he was helping her out.

"I'm fine. I've gotten used to working like this already. Could you make me another cup of coffee?" Pursing his dry lips, Duke asked as he closed his eyes drowsily.

"No problem. I will be back soon." Before leaving the room, she gave those documents a second glance, and was again pleasantly surprised by how well Duke had handled them. If Duke looked at her at that moment, he could surely read satisfaction on her face. Delighted, she went out, almost waltzing. Much like previously, she had no intention of letting her secretary help her with the coffee.

Soon after she left, Duke suddenly opened his eyes. It seemed that something had occurred to him, something he must remind her of. But it was too late. He couldn't do anything but sighed helplessly and continued with his nap. He was indeed tired. Unlike documents for approval, the documents he had just gone through were filled with numbers that needed to be checked with precision to the decimal points, which required more energy, not to mention that there were so many of them. It was not an easy task to finish them in such a short time even with his business prowess.

Belinda was quick this time. In just a few minutes, she came back with two cups of coffee. But she slowed down when she entered and found Duke sitting there with his eyes closed. She hesitated, wondering whether she should wake him up or not.

"I think it's about time. Get your stuff done as soon as possible, and we will eat out before going back tonight." Duke opened his eyes and said to her. He calmly took one of the coffee up and sipped a little. It didn't surprise him that it was sweet again. It was his fault for forgetting to remind her. He disliked the taste but he drank it slowly with the same cold composure.


hat he was dozing off without paying any attention to them.

"What's the matter? Could you make it?" Simon looked at her tensely. It was an one-time chance for them, missed it and they might have to fight against other companies in the competition held by YD Group afterward, which could greatly reduce their success rate. He did have confidence in their own plan, but he also believed that there could be more capable companies.

"Nothing. I will go. You can go and make further arrangement now." Biting her lip, Belinda finally nodded in agreement. 'I just happened to be drunk and made a scene, which is nothing unusual in a restaurant.' she comforted herself, 'I bet nobody else has seen it. No one will recognize me anyway. There is nothing to worry about.'

"No problem. Now if you would excuse me, I will get back to my work, " said Simon, who couldn't help but shoot Belinda a questioning glance before leaving. He sort of felt that she had been acting strange the whole day. He couldn't tell, but he thought that she was not her usual self today.

"Okay, please continue with your?work?then." With her elbows on the desk and her head resting on her palm, Belinda kept stroking her forehead, looking distressed.

"So you seek partnership with YD Group?" asked Duke with his eyes suddenly opened, staring at her curiously.

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