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   Chapter 713 Softness Begets Tenderness (Part Two)

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"How is it going? Have you sorted things out? Putting the coffee down gently, she approached to check on his progress. The moment she glimpsed at those data, she got a headache again. She had spent almost the whole morning wrestling with the task, but it wasn't a productive struggle. She was worried that Duke might be having a hard time since he was not familiar with her company's management.

"Not bad. I just need to change my thinking method." If he were stumped merely by those numbers, there would be no way that the Leng Group became what it was today. What surprised him though, was that her company didn't go bankrupt given her poor numeracy skills. It was literally a miracle. He had to convince himself that she was probably backed by a strong team.

"No way! Why are they so confusing for me!" exclaimed Belinda, who was trying to ease her headache by rubbing her forehead. Her perplexity increased when she found Duke typing new information rapidly into the computer.

"That's because you are stupid. Just leave me alone if you want the work done as soon as possible. I will add annotations to explain some of the puzzling aspects, so that you may find it easier to understand the next time you look them up. Duke kept typing while he talked to Belinda. He knew such a pile of work could take him hours to finish, so he needed to hurry up.

"I beg your pardon? I am not stupid!" Belinda reluctantly admitted in her heart that he was much better than her when it came to work, for he had checked a large number of documents in such a short time. Or more specifically, he had checked almost the same amount of documents as she did this morning.

With Duke taking over the job, Belinda could now take her time to enjoy the coffee and magazines. She was quite satisfied with it, so she simply entrusted the task to him, washed her hands and walked away without hesitation.

As the time passed, Duke felt a bit tired. He looked up and stretched a bit, when suddenly he discovered that Belinda was already fast asleep.

Surprised, she quickly browsed through the piles of documents until she finally believed that they were all done. Duke's efficiency impressed her. But the problem was, where was he now? Both his coat and his cellphone were still here, he couldn't have left the company.

"What's on your mind? You look like you're in a trance." Duke came out from the bathroom, his face wet. The first thing he saw was Belinda standing still near the desk, wearing a vacant expression.

"Well...where have you been?" Belinda blurted out. But she regretted it the moment she finished her sentence. It couldn't be more obvious as to where he had been with that much water on his face. It made her sound stupid for asking that question.

"My eyes hurt a bit just now, so I thought maybe I should wash my face with cold water and freshen up. Why? Missed me already? You seem to be in a hurry to find me." asked Duke, who smiled teasingly. He leaned across the coffee table to get some tissues to wipe his face.

"In your dreams!" Belinda scoffed. Even though she wore a sardonic expression on her face, she dared not meet his gaze. It was true that she panicked a little in his absence earlier.

"So, it seems that I was only flattering myself?" Duke kept smiling without calling her bluff. He then sank down onto the sofa, stroked his glabella, looking a bit weary.

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