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   Chapter 712 Softness Begets Tenderness (Part One)

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"Or is it because you have eaten already?" Belinda gave him a questioning look, insisting on getting to the bottom of the matter.

Duke was a bit stunned upon hearing her remark. He kept quiet for a while. But he soon let out a smile and gently shook his head. "Take it any way you wish, " he said blandly.

"Come on, you are so boring." Belinda couldn't think of anything to say, and realized that it was no use asking him. So she decided to drop the matter and simply enjoyed her meal. She wasn't too fussy about food, she was only particular about the way the dishes were cooked sometimes. Food in perfect combination of colors, smells and tastes would be appreciated.

"I thought you knew what kind of person I am. You are right, I am no fun." Although Duke was responding to her complaints, he wasn't really looking at her. Instead, he kept scrolling through the latest news on his phone.

"No. I never did. But I do now." Shrugging her shoulders, Belinda replied. But then she paused the instant she set eyes on Duke, who was sitting beside her with his head hanging. As the sunlight flooded into the room, a gentle orange glow framed his handsome face. She suddenly became immersed in bliss, wishing that she could stay right here in this moment with him, forever.

"Just dig in. Say no more or you might choked, " said Duke dotingly. Putting away his phone, he then leaned back on the sofa leisurely. He seemed to be relishing the moment too. To Belinda, the relaxed side of him had only added to his charm.

"Duke, it seems to me that you are quite free at the moment!" Belinda turned around all of a sudden, winking at him with a sly but pleasant smile.

"Yes, you can say that. Why?" Duke tensed up, avoiding eye contact with her. He could tell from her eyes that she was scheming, and it made him shudder.

"Great! Would you like to do something to kill time? How about doing the financial accounting for me? There, on the computer. My head is going?to?explode from looking at data the whole day, " she groaned. Belinda never had a solid grasp of m

making coffee, she was a bit surprised and came up to offer her help. Because the task of making coffee for Belinda was assigned to her, and her alone in the company.

"No, thanks. I can manage it myself. You can get back to your work, " Belinda answered without looking at her. She was focused on brewing the coffee, thinking that she must be the one who prepared the coffee for her man.

In her opinion, a woman, no matter how strong she might be in some ways, she must keep a good balance between toughness and delicacy. Only then could she make men throw themselves at her feet. Otherwise, she would only push them away. After all, no man nowadays would like his wife to be better than himself in every aspect, it would only bring him frustration. Took herself as an example, she had shown her weakness to Duke just now, which was not very often, and she had not only earned his affection, but also convinced him to help her with her work. This was exactly what they called killing two birds with one stone.

From the corner of his eyes, Duke saw Belinda went out. He was very preoccupied with the work, hoping to finish them as early as possible. So without wondering or asking where she was going, he only glanced at her back before throwing himself back into the mass of data quickly. When he saw her return with a cup of coffee, his face was colored with amazement.

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