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   Chapter 711 A Guilty Conscience (Part Two)

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Watching Duke hurriedly walking away, Rachel bit her lip and clenched her fists. A sinister smile rose to the corner of her mouth and spread across her face. Since Duke was completely unaware of this, he would act passive in the upcoming days.

"Why did you suddenly come here?" Belinda frowned, looking doubtfully at Duke who just pushed the door open and entered her office. She shifted her eyes back to the computer screen full of data.

"I came to bring you lunch. What, you don't want to see me?" Duke unpacked the lunch boxes and placed them on the table. He had called her secretary to get her lunch schedule. He knew that Belinda had asked her secretary to order takeout for her to eat in the office at noon, so he volunteered to bring her lunch.

"I didn't say that. Don't try and stir up trouble between us. It's not good for our relationship." Belinda glanced at him. Although she didn't show it, she was really happy that he had brought her lunch.

"Okay, let's eat now." Aside from Leena, Duke seldom served a woman the way he was doing now. So he knew that his actions made it very clear that he was willing to do such trivial things for Belinda.

"It smells good, what did you bring me?" Belinda stood up as soon as she sniffed the sweet aroma of the dishes. She suddenly felt very hungry.

"These are from the Westin Western Restaurant. I got all your favorite dishes." Duke looked at the dishes on the table in satisfaction. He clapped his hands and smiled gently when he was done setting everything on the table.

"You enjoyed preferential treatment, didn't you?" Belinda narrowed her eyes as she looked at Duke. Westin Western Restaurant never provided takeout food for any customer. It was a marketing tool to make people feel that the food from the restaurant was very precious. As she thought about this, Belinda reached out her hand to take a dessert from the lunch box, only to have Duke pat the back of her hand, gently stopping her.

"Wash your hands first! I never thought that you'd be so careless about your hygiene." Although Duke was scolding her, his tone was affectionate. Even he wasn't aware of his loving manner himself.

"My hands are very clean! I didn't touch anything that I shouldn't touch. In fact, it won't make a difference whether I wash my hands or not. You always like nitpicking!" Belinda pursed her lips. But she still reluctantly walked towards the washroom to wash her hands.

Duke narrowed his eyes

it, why would I feel guilty? If there's someone here who would feel guilty, that person would be you." Belinda took the glass from the table and drank a lot of water in an attempt to hide her nervousness.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm honorable and righteous. My conscience is clear as day." Duke leaned back casually with his legs crossed. His eyes had been focused on the movement of Belinda's pink lips as she spoke. Suddenly, he chuckled self-deprecatingly while holding his fist against his lips. He was struck by the last part of her sentence.

"Fine, why should I care? But aren't you going to eat anything?" She noticed that Duke didn't eat much but pick some food for her and sit there without eating anything. The sight of him barely eating made her feel strange.

"I'm not that hungry, just keep eating, " Duke said, calmly refilling her glass with water.

"Are you really bothered by what I said just now?" Belinda suddenly paused again. She was only joking when she said that he might steal her food. She wasn't serious at all.

"You said many things, how am I supposed to know what you're referring to?" Duke looked at her doubtfully. He was confused by her words.

"When I said you might steal my food, don't take it seriously. I was only joking." Belinda touched her nose in embarrassment. She wished he hadn't misunderstood her.

"I know you were only joking. I didn't take it seriously. Stop worrying and eat your lunch. It's getting cold." Duke shook his head helplessly. He didn't think she actually meant it when she said he might steal her food. She must have misunderstood him for some reason just now.

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