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   Chapter 710 A Guilty Conscience (Part One)

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Warm sunshine, gentle breeze, beautiful women, and luxurious cars were undoubtedly the most beautiful things in the eyes of men. Rain flashed a winsome smile at the group of girls dressed in skin-tight clothes. His sapphire?blue earrings sparkled beautifully under the sun, making him look more fascinating.

He mischievously blew a loud whistle and shifted his gaze from the girls to the script in his hands. This damn Edward always made him do the dirty work. Now, he had to offend all these beautiful women.

"Hello beautiful ladies! Do you think you have what it takes to rise to fame by becoming the heroine of this play?" Rain always acted in a careless and casual manner, utterly carefree. Even in such a situation, he didn't display any hint of seriousness.

"Huh! Even without this play, we are already well-known in every household. But we can't believe that you will choose a novice girl to play such an important role."

There were many A-list actresses in the FX International Entertainment Company. But as expected, they were all very arrogant peacocks. They never vied for a role in a play. Even if the play was tailor made for the actress, they wouldn't even take a look at the script. This time, they all showed up to audition as if they colluded with each other beforehand. It was quite rare.

"Oh! I see. Have you read through the script?" Rain glanced at the group of girls, his hand holding up his chin.

"Of course! How else would we know if the role was really important?" A woman with delicate makeup pursed her lips in displeasure. It was clear from her face that she found Rain's question stupid.

"Since you have all read the script, do you think you're capable of playing this role? The heroine is an innocent and clever girl. But judging by your temperament and sophistication, I really don't think you are fit for this role."

Rain raised his head and shifted his eyes away from the script to the woman who questioned him, his charming eyes gazing at her. But the moment he took his eyes off her, he smiled sardonically.

"Judging from Mr. Xia's words, are you implying that we aren't innocent? Girls, don't you think he's being rude to us?" Women always had their own unique way of thinking and understanding. Even when they didn't usually get along with each other, they immediately united with the anger inflamed by the woman.

"Yes, what makes you think that we're sophisticated? We're actually very mature. You should watch your words when you're describing us." All of a sudden, the rage of the whole group was aroused. The atmosphere immediately became extremely heated.

Rain rolled his tongue in his mouth and looked playfully at the several

dared to use the CEO as a publicity stunt. What a bold person!" Rain smiled. He was surprised when he heard such a ridiculous farce. In the midst of his laughter, he felt relieved. He finally solved what was originally a serious matter in a delighted way. What he would do the following was to make good fun of the great Mr. Mu.

Compared to Rain's successful day, Duke's trouble had just begun. The trouble he was currently dealing with was the bothersome woman standing in front of him.

"Duke, can we eat lunch together? Even if we can't be together, we can still be friends. I've realized that everything in the past will always remain in the past. I know it's impossible to get it back again. I'm really sorry for troubling you before."

Rachel said pitifully, showing an imploring look on her beautiful face. She looked contrite and depressed.

"It's good that you've realized that. But regarding lunch, we can do it some other day. I have an appointment now." Duke was surprised to see Rachel's sudden transformation regarding their relationship. But he didn't think too much about it. She probably took his words from the other day to heart. As a woman, it was impossible for her not to have any self-respect and shame.

"You don't have time today? Okay, that's fine. Sorry for disturbing you." Rachel's eyes darkened with disappointment, but she immediately flashed a pleasant smile to indicate that she didn't mind. Her behavior seemed appropriate.

"Sorry, I have to leave now." Duke smiled apologetically and left in a hurry. If Rachel kept pestering him, he definitely wouldn't give her any opportunity to get close to him. But since she was behaving like an understanding woman, he found it hard to continue acting coldly towards her. This was Duke's gentle and soft side.

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