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   Chapter 709 Jealous Husband (Part Two)

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It was getting dark, and the noisy city fell into silence again. The moonlight poured into the room through the curtains and shone upon the kissing couple, creating a beautiful image of love and affection. The night was long, and the loving couple opened up to each other with their actions.

Days passed by and ushered in a busy Monday. In a formal dress, Belinda arrived at the company with a briefcase in her hand. All the office ladies in the company wore formal dresses, but Belinda looked a lot more attractive with the unique design and cut of her attire.

"Boss, this is the business plan with YD Group. I heard that the president of YD Group has arrived in S City. Shall I arrange a meeting with him?" Belinda had barely sat down in her office, when her assistant came in.

"Really? Well, do you know which companies he has been in contact with recently?" Belinda asked as she took out the documents out of her briefcase. She heard that the president of YD Group preferred credible and powerful partners. He liked to choose partners through a competition and never let any company become a partner through the back door.

"Not that I've heard of. He has kept his whereabouts a secret. So far, no other company knows that he's in the city. We just stumbled upon the knowledge by chance."

The assistant stole a glance at Belinda and immediately looked away.

"Okay, you may arrange a meeting. But remember not to use any inappropriate means, or he will be turned off by our business practices." Belinda fell into contemplation with a frown. Since the president of YD Group came to S City in secret, then he must have his own reasons. If someone visited him without an appointment, he would get upset.

"Got it. By the way, the business plan with FX International Group has been prepared. Please have a look at it and check if there are any amendments needed." The assistant took out a document and placed it on the table in front of Belinda.

"Okay. I'll go through it soon. You may leave now." Seeing the mass of documents on the table in front of her, Belinda felt a headache coming. She took a deep breath to steel herself.

"Okay. I'll take my leave, " The assistant said as he closed the folder. To be honest, he seldom thought highly of a woman before, but he admired Belinda to the core. She built

" Actually, Belinda wasn't so certain if she had really made a scene that night. She lost all memory of that night from drinking too much alcohol. If that was really the case, it would be too embarrassing for her. How could she get along with Duke in the future? Damn it!

"Give yourself a moment to think about it. I'm not making fun of you." Daisy took a bottle of water from Mark and drank a mouthful from it. She didn't feel guilty about teasing Belinda in any way.

"Sister, if I could remember what happened, I wouldn't have had to call you! You're not my best friend anymore! Edward must have led you astray!" Belinda yelled at the phone, exploding in rage. She internally blamed Edward for influencing Daisy into becoming such a mischievous person.

"Relax, there weren't a lot of people present that night. You don't need to worry so much about it. Oh, I have training to finish now." Daisy waved her arm at a soldier, signalling to him that she was returning soon.

"Fine! I shouldn't have called you, traitor." Belinda hung up the phone in anger as she contemplated on what Daisy told her. Did she really make a scene that night? That was impossible! She had never been in such a drunken fit before. Why would Daisy say that? Damn it! It was really annoying.

Daisy giggled after hanging up the phone. She successfully pissed Belinda off. But she wasn't about to tell Belinda the truth yet. Belinda would learn not to drink so much alcohol next time. Daisy shook the thoughts off her mind and trotted back to the training ground.

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