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   Chapter 708 Jealous Husband (Part One)

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"Did you ever try to contact Zemo after he left the military academy?" Edward wet his lips and rubbed his chin with his index finger. He was a bit nervous to hear the answer. Whether the answer was yes or no, he would be lost in various fancies and conjectures. He didn't want to demean himself by acting like a paranoid husband.

"Yes, I tried to contact him when I returned to the country, but I failed. Afterwards, I got so busy that I had to put Zemo out of my mind, " Daisy answered as she gave a bitter smile. To be a good match for Edward, she had tried her best to improve herself and keep up with his pace. Then, she became even busier after she gave birth to Justin. As a result, she had had no time to look for Zemo.

"It sounds like you have a close relationship with him, huh?" Edward asked in a tentative manner, touching his nose in an attempt to cover up his nervousness.

"What exactly do you want to know?" Daisy asked with a frown. Edward was being really strange this evening. He was acting like a prevaricating woman.

"Nothing! It's just a casual question. I'm just curious about him, " Edward retorted at once, dodging her sharp eyes. He didn't expect Daisy to notice his intentions. He was a little embarrassed and he didn't want her to get angry.

"Alright. Let me explain it to you this way, what do you think of my relationship with Belinda?" Daisy asked with a teasing smile, looking at Edward straight in the eye. She finally realized why he was acting so strange tonight. It turned out that he was jealous of Zemo.

"If she's in danger, you would risk your life to save her, " Edward replied honestly. To be frank, he admired Daisy and Belinda's friendship. When he first met Belinda, she only showed disapproval and hostility towards him. He didn't know the reason why she did it at the beginning, but he realized later that she did it for Daisy. Believing that Edward had treated Daisy badly, she tried to defend Daisy in her own way.

"I have that same relationship with Zemo. Do you have any other questions?" Daisy often thought of the days she had spent with Belinda and Zemo. Belinda had given her bright smiles while Zemo had given her the warmth of family. As a result, when Zemo vanished from her life, she lost the warmth of a family and spent a period of her life in a blur.

"I have no more questions." Since Daisy already explained her relationship with Zemo, it would be inappropriate to keep asking about their past. But Edward c

me. After all, B Country is beyond the reach of your power. It wouldn't help the situation if you knew the truth. It's better for you to wait for me at home than to remain in a state of constant fear and panic." Edward explained slowly. His calm and soothing voice calmed her down like a relaxing melody.

"Edward, I want to thank you. Thank you for coming back safely. But if something like that happens again, I don't want to be the last person to find out, " Daisy stated in a steady and stubborn manner as she raised her head to look at Edward straight in the eye.

"I promise. Honey, relax. You can trust me to keep my word. I will always put my safety first now that I have a family." Edward stared back at Daisy with affection in his eyes. She was his wife, and he would do anything to protect her and their family.

"Okay. Has everything been settled?" Daisy didn't see the reason why Edward was so determined to expand his business. After all, they had more than enough money. He didn't have to put himself in such dangerous situations.

"Yes. My father's staff is competent. They already solved the whole problem." He pinched her little nose, feeling ecstatic at the fact that she cared so much about him. When he first met her, he never imagined that such a cold and proud woman would love him so much.

"Good. If things continue to develop like this, I'd rather that you give up the business there. I don't care how much money you have. All I want is you." Daisy took the initiative to kiss his lips. The thought that he could have lost his life was pure torture to her. She deepened the kiss, running her hands up and down his torso.

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