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   Chapter 707 Male Confidant (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6077

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"You are right, sweetie. I know I was acting like a jerk tonight. I was probably overreacting. It was my fault and again, I am really sorry! I promise I will never do that again. I would never abandon you under any circumstances. Please trust me. You see? I still brought you back, didn't I?" This time, it was Duke's turn to make his sincere apology. He sat down at the bedside and gently embraced her. He held her body tightly into his arms, wishing he would never have to let go of her. Life was so miraculous and amazing that he finally met her and gradually fell in love with her. He was doomed now but what else could he do? He couldn't help falling so deeply for her. He would just spend the rest of his life caring for her and loving her. Belinda was the one.

Curling herself up in his arms, leaning on his strong body, pressing her face on his chest, listening to his heartbeats, smelling his unique fragrance, Belinda felt safe in his embrace. She hadn't had such a feeling of serenity for a long time and all these senses from him had gradually become part of her life, from strange to familiar, now merging into her. But what surprised her most was that it was eventually still Duke who had brought her back. She had feelings for him too. Being in his arms, being so close to him, she didn't want to let go either. She treasured this moment a lot, wishing it would never pass. She wished she could stay with him forever. And just as what Leena had said, it was just Rachel! Rachel was no big deal! She didn't even need to worry about her. Besides, being such a charming lady herself, she should be confident of her beauty. How would she ever be beaten by Rachel? Only she, Belinda, could win this game.

This small accident between Belinda and Duke had finally come to an end. It had caught them unprepared

explained Daisy. She was lost into her thoughts. Her eyes were far-reaching at the moment. She only had two best friends in this world, one male confidant and one female confidant. The female one was Belinda of course. As for the male confidant, it must be Zemo. She had never mentioned him to anyone else before because she thought that Zemo had been out of her world and they would never get in touch again.

"I can see that you were happy to meet him again, " said Edward. Though he was trying to sound casual, his jealousy could still be sensed. He was just wondering why was his wife always surrounded by different men, not to mention, outstanding men! At first, there had been a Kevin Gu. Now there was another, Zemo Ling. They were all extraordinary men. He had to admit that her excellence was appreciated by a lot of men, a lot of excellent men!

"Yep! It's been almost a decade from then. I couldn't think of how that sunny boy in the military school turned to be the Zemo I met today, " said Daisy smilingly as she packed her sniper rifle back. She told Edward everything he wanted to know about Zemo. For her, there was no need to lie to him, and there was nothing she couldn't tell him either.

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