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   Chapter 706 Male Confidant (Part Three)

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Duke took off all his clothes and went naked to the bathroom. He had a very sculpted figure. Well it was better to say that all those men accompanying Edward had the most attractive looks and sexiest bods. It was the reason why there were always a league of women around them, praising and trying to get their attention.

He took a quick shower then with just a towel around his waist, walked out of the bathroom. The tiny drops from his hair rolled slowly down his skin, forming a delicate stream of water that ended on the towel around his waist.

He took a deep look at Belinda upon walking past the queen-sized bed. A smile crept up his face without his noticing. He took a bottle of wine from the small cupboard near the balcony and sat down beside the small table there. He expertly grabbed a wine glass from the table and slowly poured himself a large glass of the liquor. Taking a deep breath of the wine aroma, he lifted the glass to his lips and sipped his wine enjoyably.

The evening wind in autumn was very soft even if the air was a little too dry. It was still very pleasant to drink alone in such a beautiful night. After going through so much the past two days, Duke began to ponder deeply on all the things that had happened to him.

It wasn't like he didn't know what Rachel's real purpose was. It was just that he had believed that it would be inappropriate or even incorrect for someone who still had a sense of shame to ask for something that had no longer belonged to her for so long. So he just hadn't paid too much attention to Rachel's reappearance. But now that he had heard of Rachel's words this morning, he finally began to realize that what Belinda had been worried about was not something insignificant.

To be honest, he knew that he himself was not a romantic man. Sometimes he just didn't know how to make Belinda happy. But as long as she was the woman he had fallen in love with, he would devote his entire life protecting her and loving her without any hesitation. It was just that he was never the man who could speak out his feelings aloud so he would just wait for Beli

orcing her to look at him and make eye contact with him. He was sending his message directly into her eyes, reaching deeply into her soul. Their communication was made through a much meaningful and effective way. He was sure that she had received them and considered them seriously. But he also noticed that she was blushing, probably feeling ashamed of what she had done. So now she was trying to hide herself in the quilt. Duke saw all her uneasiness, and he had to admit that this made her even cuter. But he didn't leak out even a slightest hint of what he was thinking. All he did was simply looking at her playfully.

"But you shouldn't have just dumped me there and left!" accused Belinda. She finally gained her reason back. The mere mention of his abandonment still broke her heart. She didn't deserve to be hurt so ruthlessly. Her eyes were welling up and all the bad feelings that had been confined all night were released from deep inside her heart. After all, she had been carefully protected as an elegant princess since she was born. Everyone around her cared about her and loved her. Plus, she was also the president of a big company. She had her pride. Who would dare treat her like this? But tonight, Duke was the exception. Yes, she had told him to get out of her face but then, she had never thought that he would actually do as she demanded, disappearing himself without any hesitation.

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