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   Chapter 705 Male Confidant (Part Two)

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"How's she now?" asked Duke worriedly. He ignored Edward's playfulness and quickly walked to Daisy, taking Belinda into his own arms.

"She's fine. Just drank too much wine, " replied Daisy as she smoothed Belinda's wrinkled dress. She exhaled a long relieved breath upon seeing Duke had calmed himself down.

"Daisy, I'm sorry that I have gotten you into so much trouble, " said Duke. He had left Belinda and stormed out without any hesitations earlier because he knew that Daisy would be with Belinda and Belinda would be taken good care of by her. But he would never have thought that Belinda would get herself so drunk after he had left.

"Belinda is my best friend. So there is never something called trouble between her and me. It would never trouble me to take care of her or do anything for her. But there is something that I'd like to talk to you about her. You might think Belinda looks like a heartless girl. She's always careless and never cares about anything. But deep inside, she's a very fragile and delicate girl. As you know, she always dares to love and hate. So once she devotes herself to you, the love would be strong and great. But her heart would also be easily broken by you. Therefore, please be more considerate to her. Be thoughtful, care for her, be tender to her, and be kind to her when you're dealing with problems about her in the future. There is no such thing as losing and winning in love. No one could ever be the winner but whoever loves deeper than the other is doomed to be the passive one, one that cares more and devotes more. So I'll just repeat something I've already told you, please don't hurt her. No matter what happens or what would happen in the future, do NOT hurt her." said Daisy while looking Duke in the eyes.

She was sincere about what she was saying and even pleading. After all, Belinda was her only best girl friend. She was her confidant. So no matter what, she would wish her a lifetime of happiness.

s not very cooperative along the way to their bedroom as she was still drunk. She was only half asleep which made it even more difficult for Duke to get her onto their queen-sized bed. His face was already sweaty all over when he managed to do it.

Duke took a deep breath and unbuttoned his shirt. He was feeling a bit hot after completing such a laborious task. He licked his lips, turned around, and walked out of their bedroom. He was back after a while with a glass of honey water in his hand.

"Belinda, get up. Drink the honey first. It'll make you feel better then you can get a good night sleep, " he said softly. He sat on the bed and gently lifted Belinda. He used one hand to hold her while the other was taking the glass of honey water. He carefully moved the glass to her lips. Belinda must have been thirsty due to all the wine she had drunk. She was cooperative this time and quickly finished all the water.

Duke pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her lips softly. He put Belinda back to bed. He shook his head while watching her go back to sleep but on his always grim face was a rare expression of gentleness and tenderness, so soft that it had overthrown the cold. It wasn't common for Duke to be such a warm and loving man but this part of him was definitely the most charming one.

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