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   Chapter 704 Male Confidant (Part One)

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"How's the call? Got in touch with Duke? What did he say?" asked Daisy hastily. She was very anxious for Belinda, who was so drunk and couldn't keep her consciousness at the moment. So Daisy had to hold her hand out to support Belinda, while Belinda was leaning almost her entire body on Daisy. On the other hand, Daisy really didn't know what to do with this drunken girl if Duke was not going to show up tonight. She just might have to take Belinda home with her. But if so, Belinda would definitely feel embarrassed when she finally woke up.

"Yep! Don't worry! Duke will be here in a minute. Let's get Belinda into the car first, " answered Edward. Then he reached out and pulled the door open, signaling Daisy to put Belinda into his car.

"No need. Since Duke is coming soon, I think it's better to let her stay outside and catch some wind through her. It should help reduce her drunkenness and hopefully, get her a little consciousness. Besides, it could also blow away the alcohol smell a bit. So it's not necessary to encounter so much trouble putting her in, " said Daisy. As she saw Belinda's charming big wavy hair drifting in front of her face, Daisy reached out and tucked it to the back of Belinda's ears. She then took a look at the street to check if Duke was coming.

"OK. But I'm worried that you might get tired holding Belinda for too long, " said Edward. Since Belinda was Duke's wife, it would be quite inappropriate for Edward to hold her instead. So there was really nothing else he could do to help Daisy but to watch Belinda lying her tiny body almost entirely on Daisy.

"It's OK. Just holding her tiny body is not going to tire me, " replied Daisy. It was true that Belinda's weight almost meant nothing to Daisy. The weight she usually carried during her daily training was always much heavier than this, more than twice the weight of Belinda. After getting used to holding much heavier things, holding someone as tiny as Belinda was easy.

ing the wine down to her throat after coming back from the dance floor. Though Daisy snatched that wine bottle later, she had already killed half of it. Thus she was very drunk and was falling asleep with her eyes half closed right now.

"Hold on just a moment. Duke will be here in a minute, " said Daisy. She grabbed Belinda's arms which were still waving crazily. There was a slight sorrow that got into her heart. She frowned unconsciously to it, which wrinkled her smooth forehead.

"Give her some water, " said Edward. He took a bottle of water from the car without anyone noticing then unscrewed the lid. He then handed the bottle to Daisy.

"Belinda, take a sip of the water, " said Daisy. She took the bottle from Edward and moved it close to Belinda's mouth. She carefully gave her a sip of water. It was then that the sound of a car braked to a halt shrilled through their ears. Concern was all over Duke's face when he got off the car and walked to them in a hurry.

"Not bad. You've got here fast enough, " said Edward sarcastically. As a man himself, he had known too well what a man would think at this moment. He knew exactly what Duke was thinking. So he turned to Duke and blinked his eyes, then he playfully made a gesture with his lips toward the direction where Belinda was standing now.

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