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   Chapter 703 He Really Meant Nothing (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6652

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"Can you reach him?" Of course, Daisy didn't imagine that it would turn out like this. She thought that they had talked it all out and made up. But it seemed that not only were things not fine between them, they made their situation even worse.

"No. His phone must be off." Leena shook her head, she had a very frustrated look on her face.

"I just told you to have a nice talk with him! Now what the hell did you do?" Daisy's brows were deeply frowned, and she looked at Edward, who was calmly sitting there. He must know Duke's temper, after all, Duke was his brother.

"Why are you looking at me? I wasn't even there." Edward was not very happy in the first place, and especially when he saw Zemo, he was in a worse mood.

"You can stop looking for him. There's no use. He left the bar." Thinking of Duke just leaving like that, Belinda felt bitter all over again. She snapped her fingers to the waiter beside them. Did they really think they could stop her from drinking just by taking the bottle from her hand? Well, she could always ask the waiter to bring her some more booze, right?

The waiter quickly walked towards them, lowered his head and then asked Belinda, "Miss, what can I do for you?"

"Give me a bottle of Absolut." In Belinda's mind, she could only drown her sorrow in liquor as strong as Absolut vodka. Only then could she forget about what happened between her and Duke earlier, and be happy again.

"Please don't listen to her! We don't need any more alcohol, but thank you anyway! She's had too much already." Daisy stopped the waiter without a second thought. She didn't think this was a right place for Belinda to stay, considering her state right now.

"Daisy, are you my friend or not? I haven't had that much! Waiter, get me a drink!" Belinda was always eager to do well in everything, and she wouldn't easily admit defeat. But now she seemed fragile. Daisy hadn't seen her like this before. And this also broke Daisy's heart.

"Come on! Let's get

had thought that when she was not angry anymore, at least she would worry about him and give him a phone call. But he didn't expect that he would be disappointed again. He guessed that in her mind, he really meant nothing.

Dialing the phone number he knew by heart, he moved the phone to his ear. His call was picked up in no time, and an angry voice shouted in his ear, "Where the hell are you right now? And what the hell happened? Belinda is drunk out of her mind, and she won't let us take her home! We don't know what to do right now! For God's sake, just come back and pick her up!" Edward angrily shouted at his phone, a furious look on his face. He was so mad at his friend right now. What was he thinking? Leaving his own wife in the bar like that?

"So you're still there? I will be back right away." Duke gnashed his teeth, quickly started his car and drove back there without thinking. No matter how mad he was at Belinda, he still could not completely stop worrying about her.

"We're at the front of the bar. Hurry up!" Edward quickly hung up the call. It seemed that no matter who, once they fell in love with someone, they would all become this jumpy over every little thing that happened. But much to his surprise, even Duke, who was always calm and distant to every woman, still couldn't escape this.

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