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   Chapter 702 He Really Meant Nothing (Part Two)

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"Ha! What do you want me to say? Do you want me to beg? Don't forget that I wanted to explain everything to you, but you didn't even want to listen to me! If you're not willing to give me a chance to explain myself, then what do you expect me to do? You can give me the cold shoulder all you want, I don't give a damn." Belinda was a stubborn girl, and she would never back down once she thought that she was in the right. So how could she just stand there and take it from Duke?

"So you think that there's nothing wrong with your behavior, at all? You really think that it's all my fault? That I'm the unreasonable one?" Duke said, bottling up his anger. He looked at her small face full of stubbornness, and his heart was bleeding from the heartbreak he tasted.

"I didn't say that! Yes, I did something wrong, but I don't need your attitude. Blame me all you want. That's great. But don't expect me to take that. Not going to happen. You can take your attitude and stick it! I don't beg. That's not me." Belinda had always been the spoiled girl. Usually, it was everyone else who conceded to her, not the other way around. However, Duke was the exception. She had always been the one to back down, but she couldn't keep doing that.

"Alright, I get it. So we can't solve this. You made it very clear what you want. I guess I have no choice. I think we need to take a break and cool down, figure out what we really want! I guess that's for the best. Maybe it'll do us both some good." Duke was also a proud man, and his pride wouldn't let him bow his head to Belinda. So he just looked deep into her eyes for a moment, then turned around and quickly walked away. His retreating figure seemed so determined and hard-hearted.

Belinda's hands clenched into tight fists, and she gently bit her lip. He just walked away like this? Really? Shouldn't he say some nice words to her and try and make her happy? Or he could even have a big fight with her and tell her off! But instead, he didn't do anything. He just walked

nk it straight from the bottle. Her style of drinking was bold, just like her quick temper.

"Belinda, are you out of your mind? And where is Duke? Why are you alone?" Daisy quickly grabbed the bottle from her hand, and Belinda, started by Daisy's action, began to cough.

"Yeah! Sis, where's Duke? Why isn't he here with you? He took off, didn't he?" Leena was anxious too, looking around to see if she could see her brother. But no matter how hard she tried, she still couldn't find Duke. Where did he go?

"Huh! Why would I know? It has nothing to do with me anyway. Gimme back my booze!" Saying these words, Belinda reached out to grab the bottle of champagne from Daisy, but Daisy was quicker, holding it closer and twisting so the bottle was out of Belinda's reach.

"Will you just sit down first? Drinking isn't the solution to everything. You can't possibly drink your problems away." Daisy helped Belinda sit down next to her, her eyes full of worry for her best friend. Why was she acting like this? And more importantly, where was Duke?

"I'll give him a call." Leena immediately took out her phone and called her brother, but it went straight to voice mail. Duke had turned his phone off. Leena turned to look at Belinda. She was really curious what they talked about earlier. What had made Mr. Cold simply turn off his phone?

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