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   Chapter 700 An Old Acquaintance (Part Three)

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"She's fine. By the way, you have changed a lot too. I didn't recognize you at first and it took me a long time to confirm that it was you." Zemo was not as handsome as Edward, nor as elegant as Rain. But he was a tough man, with determination in his eyes. It was rare to see such style nowadays.

"Of course. I am much older than before. I was a teenage girl the last time you met me. And now I am nearly thirty. How time flies!" Daisy sighed, recalling the past time when she was young. There was an old saying that, those who knew nothing feared nothing. This saying best described what they were in the JC Military Academy. However, she could not find such impetus now.

"Don't say you're old in front of me. I am older than you are. But you are more attractive now." There was a glint of sadness in Zemo's eyes. If he hadn't been injured at the time, would the situation be different now? Was there any possibility that he would be in love with Daisy?

"Thank you very much! You look good too! Much more mature and reliable. " Daisy smiled, raising her lower lip and again cast her gaze to the center of the dancing floor. Surprise! Belinda was not there any longer. This discovery made her stand up in a panic, with her keen eyes searching the crowd. And she finally locked her eyes on the hottest place. However, she was unable to figure out whether Belinda was among the large group of people there because there were so many people standing around.

"Sis, what happened? Belinda is not there! I could not see her now." Right when Daisy stood up, Leena also realized that something was wrong. Looking out there, she also found that Belinda who had danced crazily in the middle of the dancing floor had disappeared. It was all her fault. She only cared about the man in front of her but neglected that the person who could actually be in danger was Belinda.

"Don't worry. Let's go and find her. She sh

Duke suppressed his anger, giving the man a cold look. And then he turned to Belinda, who was trembling at the sight of Duke's cold eyes.

"What? Your woman? We were dancing together and you were nowhere to be found. Who do you think you are anyway?" The man shouted, without feeling afraid of Duke's anger. His bravery even impressed Leena who was nearly clapping for him. It seemed that the man did not notice Duke's cold look, and wasn't even aware that Duke nearly exploded in rage. But he dared to provoke him. Leena had to say that this man was really brave, and she just did not know how he'd end up. He couldn't stay in the city long if Duke decided to go after him.

"I hope you got some prayers today, or I will definitely let you know what kind of death is the most miserable one." After saying that, Duke pushed Belinda to Daisy's side. Duke wasn't worried about Daisy because he believed in her. Then he quickly kicked out, forcing the man to retreat several steps. Duke did not stop after that and threw the man to the ground with only one move. His action was so smooth and quick that Daisy finally got it: these delicate men were all very good at fighting. She found Edward first, and then Duke this time. So this meant Rain should not be weak either.

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