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   Chapter 698 An Old Acquaintance (Part One)

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"As long as it's what Duke wants to do, then he'll probably follow through. He's got a bad temper, and there's no telling what could happen. I thought you should know, " Leena reminded her. She trembled a bit at the thought of Duke's previous actions, sending her back to Paris. Duke was very angry then. Fortunately, Kevin was with her and he took the brunt of it. Otherwise, Duke might have torn her to pieces.

"At the worst he'd yell at me. what else would he do?" Belinda said that, caring less about what Leena said. She did not know that in addition to yelling, Duke had various ways to make her beg him to stop.

"Miss, here is your wine. And, our boss told us all your orders are free tonight." The waiter said. And his words caught the attention of the three ladies. They looked at the waiter in surprise.

"Who is your boss and why is it free?" Belinda asked. She was wondering whether they had fallen into a subtle and deadly trap.

"I don't know either. But my boss said that Ms. Leng would know the reason. I'm sorry! I have to go now." The waiter said, giving a meaningful look at Leena. And then he turned and walked away.

"Girl, tell me what the hell is going on! Is that the reason why you didn't want to come in just now? You know the boss here?" Belinda stared at Leena with a thoughtful expression on her face. She could not understand why Leena, such a naive young girl, had a friend who ran a nightclub?

"Uh! No. This is the second time I've been here. How could I know the boss? But I think the boss is Kevin's friend, " Leena explained, looking around the bar. She did not tell them that Kevin was one of the co-owners of this nightclub. Kevin once mentioned that the soldiers could not go into business, so she didn't mention it to anyone, not even close friends or relatives. She didn't want to make trouble for Kevin.

"So, why did you have a problem coming here? Wouldn't it be nice to be fr

elinda could imagine how lively the Leng House would be. At least, it would be a very pleasant thing to fight with this little girl every day.

"Are you sure you are my sister-in-law, not my stepmother?" Leena was not afraid of Belinda's threat at all. After all, if Belinda talked about it frankly, that meant she would not really do it, but was just playing tricks. Anyway, if Belinda was really that kind of vicious person, Leena wouldn't let her marry her brother, Duke. She wouldn't have even tried to arrange it.

"You can think whatever you like. But it depends on how I do it." Belinda took a sip of her champagne, turning her eyes to the center of the stage. She was attracted to the fast-paced melody and the inspiring music and would like to have a try.

For all the arguments between Belinda and Leena, Daisy always kept quiet and never intervened. It's because it had nothing to do with her, so she stayed calm. So, even if Belinda and Leena made a lot of noise, Daisy still maintained her usual calmness.

"Daisy, why don't we dance? Let's go!" After all, Belinda was a very active young lady, and she also had a bold character, being a professional woman. She watched the crowd dancing and swinging in the middle of the stage, and suddenly wanted to dance herself.

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