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   Chapter 697 A True Beauty (Part Two)

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"You know you're a traitor, don't you?" Belinda looked at Leena contemptuously. She turned off her cell phone so that he wouldn't call and bother her. Meanwhile, she also knew that Leena would tell her brother about where they were. So she didn't give a second thought about Duke getting worried.

Loud noise and dancing people were what you saw in a pub. So, as soon as they entered this place, they felt its rhythm and attraction almost immediately.

"Belinda, can't we go to another place? I don't like it."

Leena frowned, debating whether she should go inside with Belinda. Recalling what had happened here, she really wanted to escape.

"It's a nice pub. Although it's not as luxurious as Sexy World, it's still well-decorated in comparison with other pubs. We can have some fun here." Belinda shot a curious glance at Leena and wondered why she looked so anxious. Leena seemed to dislike this place already.

"We can leave and find another one if you don't like it." Daisy also saw Leena's embarrassed expression. She looked around and found the layout and decoration weren't bad. They could enjoy a good night here.

"Forget it. I'm fine. Let's go inside."

Leena took a deep breath, and decided to relax. A long time had passed, and she was sure that nobody would recognize her in the pub. This was where she had her one-night stand with Kevin.

"Are you sure?" Daisy looked a bit worried, since she still sensed a slight hesitation in Leena's voice.

"Yes, I'm sure. Don't worry. Stop treating me like a kid." Leena smiled sweetly, which was typical of her. She was always optimistic and nothing could depress her for a long time. Nevertheless, she was still a bit afraid that some waiters or waitresses might recognize her for seducing Kevin that night. She'd be embarrassed if she heard one of the rumors.

"Let's go. We can ask for a private box if you don't like the noise outside." Actually Belinda rarely went to a pub, although she never felt it was beneath her to go there. She might meet some strangers, drink some liquor and get drunk. The noisy atmosphere in the pub was fine with her. However, she was afraid that Daisy might be unused to this.

"Whatever you want. It's fine with me, as long as you enjoy it." Although Daisy had always disliked noisy surroundings, she could reluctantly do this to lift Belinda's spirits and have her relaxed.

"I don't want a private box. We can sit here, and look at those beautiful boys and girls on the dancing floor." Belinda raised her eyebrows and

on me for our argument?" Leena wore a fashionable jumpsuit which made her look lovely and sexy. She had already been a beauty at a young age. At that moment, her full lips pouted slightly, a man might be unable to restrain himself from kissing her.

"Don't think about me that way, please. Do I look like a bitch to you?" Although Belinda did think that way, she would never acknowledge her thoughts in front of Leena and Daisy. She must teach Leena a lesson for arguing with her.

"You are the definition of a bitch, as far as I'm concerned." Daisy looked at Belinda coldly. Belinda had the audacity to do things like that and refuse to acknowledge it.

"Look, Daisy agrees with me that you're doing this to punish me. By the way, can I go home first?"

Leena thought it was unwise for her to stay here with them in a pub, so she decided to leave.

"You tell me. If you leave now, I'll tell your brother that you suggested that we go to a pub and have some fun. What do you think he would do?" said Belinda threateningly. Belinda felt so good to threaten Leena and piss her off. She believed that Leena would surely learn some lessons today.

"Belinda, how could you set me up this way? Mr. Cold will lock me in the house for a month." The thought of this sent a chill through her heart. She had been punished by her brother this way countless times.

"Don't be a fool. I got you covered. I won't allow him to do that. Besides, you don't live with him. How could he lock you in your own house? So, stop being a dumbass." Belinda snapped at Leena's head and thought that there was nothing more funny than seeing your husband's little sister get punished for your actions.

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