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   Chapter 696 A True Beauty (Part One)

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"I also sense it. Actually, you shouldn't be mad at my brother. Rachel is nobody. Are you afraid that you might lose?" asked Leena knowingly. She bet that Belinda would take the bait for a dare.

"Bullshit! "I'm not afraid. I just don't want to be looked down upon because of her. That's all." Belinda roared with laughter. Rachel meant nothing to her. However, Duke's attitude was another thing entirely. She cared what he thought.

"You're right. There's no need to worry about all this BS." Leena was sitting at the table sipping lemonade, with a sly smile.

"Silly, do you call that BS? Well, forget about it. I can't be serious with you. I might go crazy. By the way, why are you so mischievous while your brother's so dull and boring?" It finally occurred to Belinda that arguing with Leena was a waste of time and energy, since she could never be reasonable.

"He's not boring or dull, My brother's cool, ok? What's wrong with you?" Leena's mouth twitched slightly, with a mocking smile flashing on her face. She was definitely teasing Belinda and defending Mr. Cold.

Daisy sipped her jasmine tea with pleasure. Watching those two girls arguing and chattering, Daisy felt her life was perfect right now. She had a family who loved her, several good friends in whom she could confide, and plenty of leisure time. She was happy, and had felt this way almost every day recently.

At that moment, her mobile phone rang, jarring her back to reality. She picked it up and put a smile on her face, answering the call.

"Daisy, are you finished? Should I come pick you up now?" She heard Edward's attractive voice on the line, which warmed her heart once again.

"I was gonna call you. I'll be back later than I expected. So, you might need to have dinner without me, " answered Daisy. Daisy looked at those two women who had stopped arguing and were now staring at her nervously. Daisy knew what they were thinking about. They were afraid that Edward might disagree.

"Are you still out shopping?" asked Edward. He leaned the chair back lazily, dropped his pen, and his brow furrowed, sullen.

"No, we're done with shopping already. We will go to a pub and have some fun. Are you ok with this?" Daisy tensely asked. She sensed Edward's displeasure from his voice.

"If I don't like this idea, will you come home right now? Will you listen to me?" Edward stood up from the chair, walked to the window, and looked down at the cars on the street. This city was really such a dynamic and prosperous one.

"What do you think?" Daisy could imagine that Edward must be frowning wi

e and order me to do anything." Daisy was smart enough to figure out her mistakes and apologize for them.

"Daisy, I know Edward rarely cares about a woman this way. His love is special and unique. He wouldn't give a shit about the safety or welfare of any woman he had before. He didn't even talk to them nicely. Do you know that?" In Leena's eyes, Edward was the best of those outstanding men, so countless women would make sacrifices for him so they could win his heart and his love.

"Shut up. You're always ready to defend those men. You're like a traitor to our women." Belinda looked at Leena coldly and finally knew why those men liked Leena. She was like a defense lawyer who would do anything to make her defendant look not guilty.

"I'm telling you the truth. I don't lie." Leena was hurt and her full lips pouted slightly. Each and every man she loved had unique characters and deserved her love and defense.

"Stop. Shut up. Don't talk nonsense in front of me, please." Belinda was afraid of Leena being stubborn and arguing. So, she decided to silence Leena first.

"Belinda, you better call Duke, otherwise, he might get anxious and worried, " said Daisy. Daisy knew Belinda well enough that she was sure Belinda had turned off her cell phone so that Duke could not talk to her on the phone.

"Don't we have a traitor here to tip us off? So, don't worry about him." Belinda gave Leena a quick glance and was sure that Leena must have told her brother about where they were going and what they were gonna do.

"Haha, I told him nothing but that we won't be back home early." Leena smiled with a guilty conscience, knowing that she had been exposed. She attempted to gloss over this embarrassing moment.

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