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   Chapter 695 Three Women Shopping (Part Two)

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"Who told you I was going to put them in my bridal chamber? I will put it them in my own home." Being seen through, Belinda rolled her eyes at Leena. It seemed as if Leena could read her mind. She began to regret that she had let Leena tag along.

"Your own home? What's the difference? Aren't they the same place?" Leena was confused.

"Of course they aren't. What's the matter with you? Are you picking on me?" Belinda patted Leena lightly with a sullen face.

"You and my brother are married. Isn't your home the Leng residence?" Leena persisted.

"Why are you arguing with me? Although we are married, we haven't had our wedding ceremony yet. In addition, my own home isn't the Leng's residence, and it will never be." Belinda felt wordless and mad.

"I think Leena is right. When you are married, your parents' home isn't your home anymore. Wherever your husband is, that's your home." Daisy never knew what it felt like to have two homes. She felt she never truly had a parents' home to go back to. When she was living with Justin at the army residential quarters, they had a house, but it was far from a home, because there was no man in it. It was after she moved into the Mu's villa that she started to understand what a home was.

"That's right. Belinda, don't say that to my brother. It will upset him." Despite her young age, Leena was tactful and of good character.

"Upset him? I'm upset right now. I have a home. Why should I see the Leng's residence as my home?" Clearly, Belinda was still mad at Duke. But at the same time she was wistful, because after her marriage, she had to leave her parents and move into a new home. That was one of the disadvantages of raising a daughter.

"What's going on? You've been angry all day, " Daisy asked, nudging Belinda with her arm.

"I'm sorry. I got my period, so I've been in a bad mood these days.

trying to avoid facing Duke. And she couldn't go to her parents' house. They would be asking her questions relentlessly. She would definitely be quite annoyed.

"No, thanks. I can tell him myself. But don't you want to call Duke and tell him about your whereabouts? He will be worried." Daisy sighed. Love hurts, she thought. She had struggled in love. And Belinda was struggling and hurting.

"He won't. He'll worry about somebody else, but not me." It sounded Belinda was jealous.

"Belinda, do you mean me?" Leena said, although she knew well what Belinda was talking about. She didn't want to see her brother and Belinda split up. That would be the worst thing in the world.

"You wish. He won't even think about you now that he has someone else on his mind." Belinda sat back in the chair sluggishly, sneering. Suddenly she felt good to have a sister-in-law like Leena, who she could hang out with.

"Why, I sense jealousy." Daisy smiled. Belinda cared about Duke, but she was pretending otherwise.

"Really? I don't." Belinda knew what Daisy meant, but she wouldn't admit to her feelings. Of course she cared. The image she had seen the day before was haunting her. It would be some time before she could be honest with herself.

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