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   Chapter 694 Three Women Shopping (Part One)

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"You're right. Let's go shopping. I haven't relaxed myself in a long time. And you rarely take time for yourself. Let's have some fun today." Belinda was hot-tempered yet outgoing. She didn't stay mad about anything for too long. By now, she had already forgotten the unpleasant meeting with Coco in the bathroom. And now she was ready to have some fun..

"Er ... shopping? I don't know." Daisy frowned. She wasn't keen on shopping. The shopping centers and the malls were always crowded. Shopping was just a waste of time to her. What use was fashion anyway? She would rather spend time studying and improving her skills.

"If you're my friend, you'll say yes." Afraid that Daisy might turn her down, Belinda made her tone threatening. She yearned for some kind of diversion right now, otherwise she would go nuts.

"I was going to say yes. My husband was brilliant to give me his wallet. Now I won't have to watch you and Leena buy things. I can buy something nice for myself." Daisy actually didn't have anything specific to buy. But girls tended to spot things they liked while they were window shopping. So the wallet was actually useful.

"Huh, your husband? That's new. You never referred to Edward as your husband before. Did you say that on purpose after you saw Duke and I were fighting? Maybe just to annoy me?" Belinda asked angrily, gritting her teeth.

"Um ... I just blurted it out. I didn't mean to." Daisy was surprised too. She had never referred to Edward like that in front of people. What on earth did it mean?

"Even if you meant to anger me, I can't do anything about it. We all see how happy you and Edward are. I'm happy for you. Your dream has finally come true after so many years. You are my heroine. I really mean that." Belinda looked at Daisy in admiration. She was gratified that her best friend had found her happiness. And Belinda hoped that one day she would too.

"Thank you. You'll be as happy as I am. Trust me. We'll all be happy, " Daisy said, squeezing Belinda's hand. True friends cared about you and

adult. To her, she was like a spoiled princess.

"I think so. Just give her a chance to prove herself." Daisy held Belinda and Leena by hands. They dropped the topic soon, because they were attracted by something else.

"Sis, I believe you'll look great in this." Leena put a cap on Daisy's head. Daisy looked wild and mysterious in it.

"I don't think so. I rarely wear a hat." Daisy twisted her mouth. She had only worn the army cap. She wasn't used to wearing other hats.

"It looks good on you. And it matches your clothes. Take it." Before Daisy knew it, Leena had already paid for the hat. She had to pack it in her shopping bags.

"Yes, it does. Let's go look at the ceramics." Belinda led Daisy and Leena to the next shop. Today there was no businesswoman, no colonel, and no little princess. Today, they were just three ordinary women shopping. Except their upper-class status, they were the same as the others.

"Do you like this pair of ceramic kissing figurines?" Belinda was eyeing a pair of kissing figurines, Daisy took them off the shelf, put them in her palm, and teased her.

"Don't you think they are just adorable?" Belinda looked at the figurines, and loved them.

"Oh, I know. Belinda, you want to put them in your bridal chamber, right? The boy is my brother and the girl is you." Leena winked mischievously. She had hit a nerve.

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