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   Chapter 693 Coco's Accusation (Part Two)

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"Daisy Ouyang! Stinky breath? Stinky breath? Really? Just think about the horrible things you've done to my cousin. You destroyed her completely and now you ask her to step up and defend herself? You know she'll never argue with you again. She doesn't have the will. God knows what else you're planning!" Coco met Daisy's eyes without fear. Anyway, she was an actress, she knew how to act in all situations and forge a strong case to her advantage.

"I don't think I stuttered. Think twice about who you're facing before you act, or you will pay for real." Now that Coco had labelled her as an absolute villain, there was no need to keep the courtesy. She would show Coco what a queen's ferocity was like.

"And now you threaten me! Is that what a soldier should do?" Coco was indignant, but still she backed away from Daisy. Daisy was seething, her fists clenched. If looks could kill, Coco would surely be a corpse.

"Think what you want. Just remember this, don't mess with me. I won't hold back, and it won't go well for you at all. Think of your cousin." It didn't matter if she was overbearing or discrediting the image of soldiers. This woman was really pissing her off and she couldn't bear it longer.

"What would people say if the papers ran stories about you? Stories about how vicious you are? I can see the headlines now: 'FX CEO's wife a violent woman, witnesses say.' That'll sell some papers!" Coco recovered quickly and looked at her provocatively. Coco knew that Daisy wouldn't actually do anything to hurt her. She was just a talker.

"You can have a go. I don't mind making headlines, but you don't seem to have the influence." Daisy glanced at her coldly. This Coco was just an actress. If Coco was fine with the exposure then why should she be afraid?

"Daisy, What is taking you so long? We've been waiting for ages. Did you fall in?" Belinda said as she walked over. Daisy had been in here unnaturally long and Belinda was worried. Belinda was surprised to see Coco here, but she realized who Coco was right away. "You're Coco! That's why your face is so familiar!"

"You know me!" Coco didn't expect that someone would recognize her. She was surprised and happy. After all, nothing mattered more than fame to a washed-up actress.

"Not really. I remember you from that scandal not long ago. It really created a stir. Daisy, is she your friend?" B

rsonality and was forever feisty. She said whatever she wanted and never feared to upset others.

Coco was knocked sideways by the unexpected twist. she did not get any benefit from confronting Daisy. On the contrary, she was taunted by this woman who appeared from nowhere. Her anger at Belinda burned through her veins like venom, but all she could do was to stand there, her eyes boring into Belinda's back.

"Hey! What's the matter with that woman? Who is her cousin?" Belinda nudged Daisy gently. It was quite dramatic to meet a nut in a restroom.

"Jessica. She's the only one who has a grudge against me."

Daisy sank into a deep melancholy. Although she wasn't the one to blame for what happened to Jessica, Daisy still felt compassion for her. After all Jessica lost her baby and the ability to get pregnant again. That was a cruel blow. As a woman and a mother, Daisy knew how she felt.

"What? After all she's been through, she still wants to stir up trouble?" Belinda had heard a lot about Jessica from Daisy and could hardly take any pity on Jessica. That woman deserved a lot worse for what she had done.

"I have not seen Jessica since that awful thing happened. Maybe she came to her senses already. Maybe it was Coco's own decision to pick on me. Anyway, it's none of our business. Let's drop the subject. Don't let her spoil our day." Daisy sighed lightly. It would be best if Jessica could think things through and try to do better in the future. If she must walk down a dark road, she would be making a cage for herself. Some damage could never be undone.

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