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   Chapter 692 Coco's Accusation (Part One)

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"What's wrong?" Belinda asked as Daisy abruptly stopped talking. Belinda looked around to see if anything was amiss, but she couldn't see any cause for alarm.

"Oh, nothing. I thought I saw someone. I might have been mistaken." Daisy gave Belinda a reassuring smile. If her memory served her right, the woman she just saw was Coco, a famous movie star who showed up in a coffee shop with Jessica by her side not long ago. Coco was bad news. Last time they met each other, Coco took a strong dislike to Daisy. If Coco came over to pick a fight, it wouldn't surprise Daisy. But maybe she was just overthinking it, Daisy thought to herself. Not everything had to be a struggle.

"Everything all right?" Belinda was still worried. She could sense that Daisy must have seen something since all of a sudden Daisy's face changed and her mood got dark.

"Everything's fine. Excuse me for a moment. I need to use the restroom." Daisy said with her lips curved into a smile, then she rose to her feet and headed in the direction of the restroom. She was tall, slender and dressed in a stylish outfit, so naturally she attracted a lot of sideways glances as she walked.

The restroom was deserted. This coffee shop chosen by Belinda was quiet with only a few customers. But Daisy could see from the decoration and furnishings that this was an upscale coffee shop. There were white bowls for coffee and sugar, glass jars with coffee beans, cloth napkins, and gorgeous, homey paintings. There were some old newspaper clippings that were also framed and behind glass, and the tables and chairs were a perfect mix of rustic and modern. The music selection was usually independent folk artists, and there were speakers in the restroom so you didn't need to miss a particularly good song.

Daisy flashed a glance at her reflection in the mirror and lowered her head to wash her hands. When she finally looked up at the mirror, she was horrified to see there was another woman standing right behind her and glaring at her. Daisy ignored what she saw, got a hold of herself and walked towards the door.

"Wait. You are Daisy Ouyang?" Coco called out when she saw Daisy ignore her and head for the exit. Last time they met, Daisy was in her neat military uniform. But this woman before her was wearing a sexy outfit. Coco couldn't be sure if they were the same person. This woman looked almost entirely different, but the eyes gave her away.

"Miss Coco, is there a problem?" Da

nto pieces but she didn't dare. She learned the lesson from her cousin's bloody experience.

"I'm not discussing this with you anymore. It's a waste of breath. The records are easily found -- I am Edward's wife and we married legally long ago. Your cousin is lucky I didn't press any charges against her. She did try to wreck a military officer's marriage, after all. I'm a good person, but I'm no pushover. I wish you'd just learn to leave well enough alone."

As Daisy spoke, she moved toward the door. She had no obligation to answer Coco's questions about her personal life. If not for the pity she had for Jessica, Daisy wouldn't even waste a glance on her.

"What? Are you going to run away? You realized how weak your case is? No matter when you got married, you are a hubby-thief to all of us who know the truth. You don't really love him, and that marriage license you tout so proudly means nothing. Get out."

Coco gave a mocking smile as she saw Daisy's face darken. She thought Daisy could keep her composure all the time. It turned out she did have feelings.

"So you're just playing dumb with me. You're not actually as stupid as you look. Even if I were a...what did you call it? Even if I were a hubby-thief, that's between Jessica and me. This has nothing to do with you, unless you have a thing for Edward. So just shut up and spare me your stinky breath!"

Coco was getting on her nerves. If Daisy's temper hadn't improved a lot, she wouldn't have paid any attention to her, wouldn't have stopped to talk to her. She would have ignored Coco as dead air, and would have pushed right past her and left the restroom.

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