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   Chapter 691 What Really Matters Is Your Heart (Part Two)

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"You should ask Leena." Belinda narrowed her eyes and looked at Leena, smiling playfully. This expression sent a shiver down Leena's spine.

"Ask me? Why? How would I know what happened between you?" Leena was confused. She wondered why it had anything to do with her.

"Rachel. Does that name sound familiar to you?" Belinda sneered. That was why she brought Leena with her. She didn't know much about Duke's past before they met. But Leena had been around him the whole time.

"What? Why did you suddenly bring her up? Hasn't she been married since a long time ago?" Leena looked at Belinda and Daisy, dumbfounded. In fact, she didn't like Rachel. When Rachel was with Duke before, Leena even used to play tricks on her because she thought Rachel had stolen her brother from her. But later she heard that Rachel abandoned Duke and ran off with a rich guy. And she hadn't seen her since. But why did Belinda suddenly bring her up?

"What did you say? She already got married?" Belinda frowned. It was impossible. If that woman was really married, why would she come to pester Duke now? Or did she want him to start up an extra marital affair, Belinda wondered.

"Yes, she did. I remember my brother felt very sad when this happened and had been depressed for a long time. But he eventually recovered from the heartbreak and continued to live his life." Leena's words made Belinda sad. Didn't he say that it was not love? If so, why would he have felt heartbroken?

"So what you're telling me is that your brother really liked her a lot!" Belinda asked tentatively, narrowing her eyes. She looked at Leena as if Leena was a little rabbit approaching the hunter's trap.

"Who said anything like that? He was frustrated because he didn't want it to end like that. I think, it was more like a friendship than a love relationship, just judging from the way they got along with each other, I had never seen him be affectionate towards her like a lover should be."

Leena smiled slyly. She almost fell into Belinda's trap. But she was quick to realize Belinda's trick, otherwise Duke would be really angry. But what she told Belinda was true. She really thought that woman had never loved her brother, and Duke's attitude towards her was not very passionate or indifferent. That was why she always felt the

oo greedy. It's enough when you get what you want most. You can't get everything you want. Because love is also vulnerable, it's so vulnerable that it can't bear the slightest touch. Otherwise, it will develop cracks. When it becomes like this, no matter how hard you try to fix it, it will be difficult to feel exactly what it was like before things fell apart."

Daisy seemed completely lost in thought when she was saying this to Belinda. In her way of love, she had been very humble and careful. It was fortunate for her that she had bet on the right man and got what she wanted in the end.

"So do you think I can get the love I want?" Belinda looked at Daisy with eager eyes. All of a sudden, she pinned all her hopes on Daisy; as long as Daisy had her back, she would fear nothing.

"It's useless. No matter how many suggestions other people give you, what really matters is your heart." Daisy wanted to help her, but only to a certain point. Because she believed that Belinda was a clever woman, it was impossible that she didn't know the core of this problem.

"My heart?" Belinda murmured. Was she really going to follow her heart? What if the road before her had a dead end? Was she still going to move forward regardless of the possible sad ending? If so, she had to suffer from the pain of love first.

"Yes, your heart is the most important thing, and nothing else matters." Daisy raised her head and gazed at Belinda, but she suddenly saw the woman she would least expect. And that made her furrow her brows deeply.

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