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   Chapter 690 What Really Matters Is Your Heart (Part One)

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"You can do what you want with your good buddies. We girls want to get together and have some girl time." As soon as they walked out of the Westin Western Restaurant, Belinda dragged Daisy over to her and aggressively glanced at all the men around them.

"Where are you going?" Edward was unhappy that his beautiful wife was being taken away.

"We haven't decided yet. What? You want to say no?" Belinda held up her chin, and looked at Edward arrogantly.

"No, I just want to make sure she's safe." Edward was not a domineering husband. Under normal circumstances, he would give his wife enough private space.

"Don't worry. It's only an impromptu gathering. We're not going out to fight. She'll be safe. And she's a colonel, Edward. She's not the one likely to be scared if we do run into some kind of danger." Belinda stared at Edward with a sullen look. Why didn't she notice that Edward was such a preachy man before?

"So you don't think I'm justified in feeling worried? But can you tell me how she often got injured before?" Edward sneered and gave Belinda a cold glance. It was obvious he didn't approve, and didn't appreciate her attitude. He went away for a few days on business, and Daisy got hurt. How could he possibly not worry about Daisy's safety?

"This is because she loses her mind sometimes. Okay, just let her go! Quit being so paranoid. Man up!" Belinda was always straightforward and had a fiery temper. It didn't matter if she was facing someone more normal, or Edward.

"You know she does dumb things sometimes. And that is exactly what I am concerned about." Edward snapped his fingers, for the first time, they saw eye to eye on something.

"Hey, am I invisible to you? "You two are talking smack about me like I'm not here." Daisy stared at them in anger. Edward and Belinda both saw her fierce look. Daisy felt irritated -- she got these wounds because she was devoted to her work, so why did they say she got hurt because of her stupidity? Did they really think she was that dumb? Or hopelessly clumsy?

"Yes, they've gone too far. Sis, let's go. Don't mind them. They don't know what they're talking about." Seeing the situation deteriorate, Leena immediately took Daisy's hand. She offended both Edward and Belinda with her words.

"Wait, bring the wallet with you." Edward took out his wallet and handed it to Daisy. Because he brought her out here, and she didn't take anything along except for her cellphone.

"It's okay, I don't need it. I don't have anything to buy." Daisy hesitated. She thou

She brought them to a table which was unnoticeable in the corner, she didn't want to be disturbed.

"What kind of coffee would you like?" Belinda raised her eyebrows, subtly telling them to choose some drink they wanted by checking the menu on the table.

"Okay, you choose one and I'll take the same." Daisy smiled. She was not very particular about food or drink, she always chose what she would like according to the person she was meeting with.

"I'd like a mocha." Leena showed a lovely smile. Although she didn't know what Belinda would ask her later, she knew it must be about Duke, otherwise Belinda wouldn't have brought her here.

"Okay, we'd like two lattes and one mocha, please." Belinda said to the waiter with a smile. Like Daisy, she was always polite in public.

"Okay, wait for a moment, it'll be ready soon." The waiter nodded and immediately turned around and strode away. Daisy gazed firmly at Belinda with curiosity.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Did flowers just sprout from my face?" Belinda touched her own face doubtfully. She was confused. Why was Daisy looking at her with curious eyes?

"Belinda, spit it out! What happened between you and Duke? You two didn't exchange one word during the whole meal. Are you two fighting?" Although Daisy didn't say anything before, she had noticed how odd this couple was acting. She knew the moment she saw them, and her sharp eyes detected something was slightly off. She didn't ask during the meal because she knew Belinda would tell her the reason when she was ready. This was what Belinda was like. So Daisy put these thoughts out of her mind and continued to silently watch them, noting anything weird.

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