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   Chapter 689 The Ring Bearer (Part Two)

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"They are beautiful, but they have no brains. In order to get the role, they have exposed each other's scandals on the web. All of that is just silly!" Rain murmured as he cast a warning glance at Leena. If it were not for her, he would not be put into such a difficult position. She stared back at him confidently, smirking at his misfortune.

"What kind of movie is it? All the A-list stars are interested in the leading role. There is a fierce competition for it. Is this some kind of hype? They haven't even started filming yet, but it has attracted much interest. In my opinion, the director of the movie is a weirdo. Why doesn't he just pick the cast himself? Why does he arrange for auditions? He's the one to blame."

As a fashion designer, Leena had paid attention to news related to the entertainment circle all the time. That was why she knew about this.

"Leena, you don't understand. It was a kind of marketing gimmick, but somehow got out of hand. But you can't deny the director has captured everyone's attention, and everyone's talking about the movie. That's why those women are fighting so hard for the leading role. They know the film has a high chance of doing well. After all, the actress who gets role might even win the award for Best Actress, "

Edward explained indifferently. He didn't mind that his subordinates promoted the movie like this, but he didn't want to be bothered with it. He was quite busy normally, but now he had to steal time to deal with it. He got fed up with those annoying women. He had set up Vast Media just for fun at the very beginning. He didn't expect the company to develop so rapidly and become the front-runner in the industry.

"Women are horrible creatures." Leena pursed her lips, grumbling as if she forgot she was also one of them.

"Leena, don't forget, you're a woman, too." Rain rolled his eyes at Leena as he wanted to knock her out. She got him into such big trouble. He had to deal with a group of arrogant A-list stars and pick up the pieces for them. It vexed him to think of holding a press conference and dealing with countless journalists.

"Come on, I mean the women in the entertainment circle." Leena got closer to Edward as if Rain was one of the horrible

." Leena rolled her eyes. If Belinda's wedding was next month, Kevin would be unable to attend the wedding. After all, Daisy just said Kevin wouldn't be back until after that.

"You haven't made yourself clear." Justin threw himself into Belinda's arms, giving Leena a challenging look. Leena was so mad at him.

"You have no brain!" Leena rolled her eyes and looked at Justin right in the eye. Neither of them was about to make a concession. They just looked like two kids fighting in the schoolyard.

"Come on, stop arguing. I think we'd better separate you two next time. Otherwise, you just won't stop fighting." Daisy sighed in resignation. Justin was her son and Leena was her sister. She couldn't take sides. But they didn't look like enemies. Maybe there had always been a mixed relationship between them.



Justin and Leena rejected Daisy's suggestion with one voice. Apparently, they were not foes like everyone thought they were. Maybe they had no playmates before and regarded each other as their best playmate. Daisy believed that they could actually team up if there was a damn good reason for it.

The gathering ended soon, but their friendship developed in the pleasant hours. Though they looked rather weird in others' eyes, they showed their concerns to each other in a different manner. There was no flowery language, but only a warm embrace and simple words. They could feel each other's love and care, and in the end that's all that mattered.

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