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   Chapter 688 The Ring Bearer (Part One)

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"Little boy, as soon as my back was turned you talked shit about me, huh? You are such a brat!" Justin's words had barely faded away when Leena came over to him and spoke to him in a chilly voice. She had been standing only a short distance from him, so she heard what he just said.

"Come on! I was telling the truth. You are such a tigress. I don't understand how Uncle Kevin can stand you." Justin pursed his lips, grumbling as he looked fearlessly at Leena.

"What? Say that again! To my face this time!" Leena couldn't stand being derided by a child anymore. She decided to teach Justin a lesson this time.

"Aunt Belinda, help me! Aunt Leena is scaring me." Feigning fear, Justin threw himself into Belinda's arms and complained in a childish tone. His sweet voice immediately softened her heart.

"Belinda, don't be fooled by his innocent appearance. I'm telling you, he is a spoiled brat." Leena stared defiantly back at Justin who was making faces towards her unnoticed by Belinda. She was infuriated and wondered if she was really able to get along with him. He never seemed to have a kind word for her.

"Come on, Leena. He is just a kid. Why sink to his level?" Belinda comforted Leena with a frown. She didn't understand why Leena always argued with Justin. He was always a well-behaved boy! Why couldn't they just get on well with each other?

"Exactly. Aunt Leena, you are a married woman. Why do you always have it in for a little kid? You are so rash!" Justin feared nothing now that Belinda had his back. Leena, meanwhile, was fuming at his words. But she couldn't do anything to him, not with someone around to protect him.

"So you like playing at being just a little kid. In my eyes, you are so much like Edward -- and more cunning than most adults. Never mind, I won't stoop to your level. We're done." Leena shook her head and sat down on the chair that used to belong to Justin. She felt stupid arguing with a little boy. Justin just chalked this up as a win. He was delighted, and shared his delight with Belinda. He got her involved in a game, lighting up her gloomy face with joy.

Duke had let his eyes settle upon Belinda all this time. Seeing her smiling face, he gave her a knowing smile. Since she had time to make unfair accusations and go mad with jealousy, he decided to find something for her to do, so that she wo

near the Entertainment Company. You know how terrifying those women are. Everyone of them thinks of herself as number one in the company. They just won't stop fighting for the leading role. I will be screwed if they find out I will be responsible for deciding the role." Though Rain liked to date different women in the past, he never dated anyone from the entertainment circle and kept himself away from them. Aaron used to deal with this kind of thing.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked coldly as he took a sidelong glance at Rain and sipped the booze in his glass. He still had no expression on his face.

"Fine! Leave it to me." Rain knew he shouldn't push too hard against Edward, otherwise there would be more serious consequences. If he refused to deal with those women, Edward would definitely assign more difficult tasks to him. As the saying goes, "Those who suit their actions to the times are wise." Rain decided to take the orders and bring them to completion. He couldn't help but scold those women who just wouldn't stop fighting for the lead role. He was drawn into the women's war for no reason.

"Rain, don't be so upset. I know you like pretty women. The female celebrities are all A-list stars in this country. I figure they are all beautiful women, huh?" Rain became even more upset after hearing Leena's words. Those women were all A-list stars. No matter which one he chose, the rest would hate him for sure. Edward was too cruel to ask him to be the one deciding the role. He could picture the scene of so many A-list stars staring angrily at him.

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