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   Chapter 687 Profiteer (Part Three)

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"Sorry! I just misspoke. Please forgive me! I did badly in school. I always make lousy choices when it comes to words." Leena smiled with self-mockery and begged Belinda for forgiveness. She felt upset and unlucky. Why she was so annoying that nobody liked her today?

"Save it! You did badly in school? Then how did you end up college?" Belinda knew Leena was a good liar, so she didn't believe what Leena said. She was no pushover.

"Aha! Belinda, what's up with you today? What happened to you? Why are you harping on everyone you meet?" Daisy sniggered when she asked Belinda. Daisy knew Belinda was ill-tempered. But she rarely went ballistic like today. That's why Daisy felt surprised and confused.

"Leave me alone. Maybe the season's too dry. I know my skin is. I can't help losing my temper." Belinda clutched a hand to her forehead. She had no idea about her restlessness. She couldn't help herself from freaking out.

"Belinda, you tell me if you're bullied by Duke. Don't worry. I will get even with him for you." Leena was a little girl-like tornado. She ran over to Duke before Belinda stopped her.

"Leena, what are you doing here?" Duke frowned. But he tried his best to stop himself from accusing her. He moved himself a bit to let Leena sit next to him. He fixed her hair that fell over her eyes and blocked her sight.

"Duke, just tell me! Did you mess with Belinda?" Leena said in a low voice. She was a smart girl with a sense of propriety so she wouldn't speak loudly and make their conversation heard. Unfortunately, nobody here was blind. Everyone else had already noticed the awkwardness between Duke and Be

have gotten through all the hard days in the past.

"Come on. It's a little over the top. They may think we're lesbians." Belinda pretended to be shy and gave Daisy a look. Anyway, Belinda felt better after she heard what Daisy said.

"Auntie Belinda, what is a lesbian? Tell me please!" Alas! Where there was a sensitive topic, there was Justin. It was one word out of many that she said to Daisy. But Justin heard the sensitive word "lesbians" and came to her to ask. What a bad boy he was!

"Little guy, I won't tell you. I asked you to sit next to me, but you didn't. So I hold grudge now." Belinda loved Justin like crazy. But she pretended to be mad at Justin because Justin ignored her just now.

"Oh, my god! Auntie Belinda, don't be mad at me! You sit next to Auntie Leena. Auntie Leena seems to have a problem with me, so I had better stay away from her." Justin didn't lie. He was afraid of being framed by Leena, so he didn't sit next to Belinda, who was near Leena. Who knows what weird thing Leena would do to him? So he had to protect himself by staying away from her.

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