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   Chapter 686 Profiteer (Part Two)

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Dear Tom, you don't know? Where there is Rain, there is also heavy contamination. That contamination settles on everything and everyone around him. No one should sit that close to him." Leena smiled conspiratorially and complacently raised her eyebrows when she caught Rain's angry face.

"Auntie Leena, am I contaminated too, since I'm sitting so close to Uncle Rain?" Justin pursed his lips and disagreeably stared at Leena. He was sitting next to Rain, too. According to what Leena said just now, he was also dirty. Oh, no. He was quiet, sitting in his seat. He said nothing bad to Auntie Leena, so how could she insult him like that? It was unfair.

"You're even more devious than them. It's good enough that you don't contaminate other people. Why would you think that you can be contaminated?" Leena didn't know why she enjoyed teasing Justin. She liked Justin a lot, and liked making him angry. She thought the angry Justin was particularly adorable. 'Oh, my god, am I a sick puppy?' Leena thought in her mind.

"Uh-huh! No, I'm really a good guy, compared with someone. After all, I am not as calculating as someone is." It was obvious that the "someone" in his sentence referred to Leena. Leena successfully irritated Justin as she expected. Justin offended Leena with rude remarks. He should be not blamed because Leena started the war.

"Aha! Somebody got mad." Instead of caring about his taunt, Leena jeered at Justin. Leena looked more unsophisticated and lovely than common girls because she was well-protected and well cared-for. But Justin knew who Leena was. She was a scheming and shameless woman, always looking out for herself. In this regard, Leena wasn't like Uncle Duke at all. Uncle Duke was an honest

thers follow her rules.

"Yes, ma'am! But You'll be following me. You'll be there before you throw me in jail. Don't forget that you are my wife, Mrs. Mu." Look, that's who Edward really was. He was probably the most shameless man in the world. Daisy couldn't even touch that.

"Profiteer, I will draw the line and disown you." Daisy looked calm and had no expression on her face even though she was really freaked out by Edward. However, others only saw them intimately whispering to each other and they looked so sweet that nobody noticed there was a smoke-free war.

"Belinda, what happened between Duke and you? Why do both of you wear a shit look on your faces? Do you two eat shit?" Leena observed Belinda and Duke for a long time and thought they really looked weird.

"You mean little girl, you and your brother Duke ate the shit! Watch your mouth, by the way. And don't even try and connect me with Duke. I don't want anything to do with him." Belinda rolled her eyes and sulked. Leena was really a bad girl. If Leena didn't drug her before, Belinda wouldn't be bothered by a thing, and would never have to deal with...with...well, this.

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