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   Chapter 685 Profiteer (Part One)

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"I know that, and you know that, too. It's my duty." Daisy explained to Belinda, with her cherry lips held in a tight, steady smile. She knew Belinda would be angry with her for saving Mary from the gangsters. But she couldn't help it. She just couldn't stand by and watch someone get hurt. She was a colonel, and she worked for everyone. She couldn't forgive herself if anyone was in danger and she refused to save him or her. That worked on Mary, too, even though Daisy hated her.

"That's bullshit! She's a bitch. She even went to the trouble of framing you and setting you up. We were all witnesses. Nobody would blame you if you didn't help her." Belinda rolled her eyes and sulked. Daisy was too kind-hearted so she was always bullied by bad guys. If she were Daisy, she would have walked away and left Mary to her fate. Belinda was not tenderhearted like Daisy.

"Oh! Have some water, Belinda. You're way too excited." Leena affably offered Belinda some water. Anger was a fire, and it should be put out lest someone got burned. Belinda should calm down and get a grip on herself.

Edward kept a close eye on the women while they were talking but he said nothing. He ordered the meal and then handed the menu to the waitress. He waved his hand to dismiss her. He pretended not to notice Daisy's awkwardness and refused to help her out. He was beyond anger when he learned that she risked her life to save that bitch Mary. Did she even know what she was doing? What if she had been killed? He loved her so much and was unwilling to blame her even when she did something wrong. He was glad Belinda was trying to talk sense into her friend.

"Hey! What's wrong with Belinda? Did you mess things up with her?" Rain said to Duke, raising his eyebrows with an evil smile on his face. He was interested in why Duke wasn

f." She wasn't asking for help. She teased Edward instead.

"You're all grown up. You can cut the steak by yourself!" Edward shook his head and put Daisy's plate back. He rolled his eyes towards Leena when he took her plate.

"Daisy is a grown-up, too. Why cut her steak, then?" Leena shot him a reproachful pout. She pretended to be angry.

"Daisy's hand isn't healed yet. Don't be jealous!" Edward smiled affectionately when he explained this to Leena.

"Hee hee! Sorry, it just slipped my mind." Leena stuck out her tongue and waited for Edward to cut the steak for her. She took what he did for granted.

"Leena, let me give you a suggestion. You should sit between Tom and me. Then we can serve you better than anybody." Rain blinked his eyes and derided Leena.

"No thanks. Sitting with you would ruin my appetite." Leena made a wry mouth at Rain in scorn. Really, she was half-teasing, but she hurt Tom's sensitive heart. Tom was so innocent.

"Oh come on, Leena! What did I do to deserve that? Why did you mock me, too!" Tom said, completely confused. He was hurt, and lashed out. He was a gentleman, with graceful bearing. How could he be anything less than attractive in Leena's eyes?

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